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Cilium - eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability

  •    Go

Cilium is open source software for providing and transparently securing network connectivity and loadbalancing between application workloads such as application containers or processes. Cilium operates at Layer 3/4 to provide traditional networking and security services as well as Layer 7 to protect and secure use of modern application protocols such as HTTP, gRPC and Kafka. Cilium is integrated into common orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.

Apache APISIX - Dynamic, real-time, high-performance API gateway

  •    Lua

Apache APISIX is a dynamic, real-time, high-performance API gateway. APISIX provides rich traffic management features such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, canary release, circuit breaking, authentication, observability, and more. You can use Apache APISIX to handle traditional north-south traffic, as well as east-west traffic between services. It can also be used as a k8s ingress controller.

apisix-docker - the docker for Apache APISIX

  •    Dockerfile

Docker images are not official ASF releases but provided for convenience. Recommended usage is always to build the source. The master branch is for the version of Apache APISIX 2.x. If you need a previous version, please build from the v1.x tag.

apisix-ingress-controller - ingress controller for K8s

  •    Go

Use Apache APISIX for Kubernetes Ingress. All configurations in apisix-ingress-controller are defined with Kubernetes CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions). Support configuring plugins, service registration discovery mechanism for upstreams, load balancing and more in Apache APISIX.

liblb - A golang library that implements load balancing algorithms.

  •    Go

A golang library that implements load balancing algorithms.

Swarmlet - A self-hosted, open-source Platform as a Service

  •    Shell

Swarmlet is a self-hosted, open-source Platform as a Service that enables easy swarm deployments, load balancing, automatic SSL, metrics, analytics and more. Swarmlet uses Traefik, Consul and Let's Encrypt to provide automatic SSL and load balancing on your apps. Swarmlet is nothing more than a thin wrapper around Docker commands. It builds applications, stores them in a local or custom registry and deploys them on your swarm.

pgdoctor - Simple, lightweight web service to perform health checks on PostgreSQL instances

  •    C

Simple, lightweight, web service used to define and run custom health checks on PostgreSQL instances. The default configuration parameters for running tests rely on a local PostgreSQL instance listening on port 5432. Connections will be established with the postgres user and no password.

magento-cluster - Highly Available and Auto-scalable Magento Cluster

  •    VCL

More details can be found at the article Running Auto-Scalable Magento Platform in Containers. Click the Deploy button below, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Jelastic Public Cloud providers and press Install.

wordpress-cluster - Highly Available and Auto-scalable WordPress Cluster

  •    PHP

Click the Deploy button below, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Jelastic Public Cloud providers and press Install. Note: If you are already registered at Jelastic, you can deploy this cluster by importing the the package manifest raw link within the dashboard.

citrix-k8s-ingress-controller - Citrix NetScaler Ingress Controller for Kubernetes


An Ingress Controller is a controller that watches the Kubernetes API server for updates to the Ingress resource and reconfigures the Ingress load balancer accordingly. The Citrix Ingress Controller can be deployed either by directly using yamls or by helm charts.

ingress-merge - Merge Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

  •    Go

Merge Ingress Controller combines multiple ingress resources into a new one. Different ingress controllers behave differently when creating services/load balancers satisfying the ingress resources of the managed class. Some create single service/LB for all ingress resources, some merge resources according to hosts or TLS certificates, other create separate service/LB per ingress resource.

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