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  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that prevents a script from being loaded more than once via $.getScript()

require-sdk - JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed

  •    Javascript

JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed. Designed for popular APIs like Youtube, Rdio, Soundcloud etc.See tests.js for examples.

read-pkg - Read a package.json file

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for the parsed JSON.Returns the parsed JSON.

pkg-conf - Get namespaced config from the closest package.json

  •    Javascript

Having tool specific config in package.json reduces the amount of metafiles in your repo (there are usually a lot!) and makes the config obvious compared to hidden dotfiles like .eslintrc, which can end up causing confusion. XO, for example, uses the xo namespace in package.json, and ESLint uses eslintConfig. Many more tools supports this, like AVA, Babel, nyc, etc.It walks up parent directories until a package.json can be found, reads it, and returns the user specified namespace or an empty object if not found.

preloader - A library for loading common web assets

  •    Javascript

The preloader is capable of loading almost all types of files, if it does not understand a file type, it will attempt to load it as a basic xhr request. It extends the nodejs event emitter and uses the following events.Here is a common usage of the preloader.

workload - 🤖 Workload sends HTTP requests to a server to mimic a natual load

  •    Javascript

Sends HTTP requests to a server to mimic a natual load.The requests are randomized using weights, so certain requests appear more often than others.

node-env-file - Parse and load environment files (containing ENV variable exports) into Node

  •    Javascript

Parse and load environment files (containing ENV variable exports) into Node.js environment, i.e. process.env. Released under the MIT license.

overload-protection - Load detection and shedding capabilities for http, express, restify and koa

  •    Javascript

overload-protection provides integration for your framework of choice.If a threshold is crossed for a given metric, overload-protection will send an HTTP 503 Service Unavailable response, with (by default) a Client-Retry header, instructing the client (e.g. a browser or load balancer) to retry after a given amount of seconds.

seneca-balance-client - seneca-balance-client

  •    Javascript

A Seneca.js transport plugin that provides various client-side load balancing strategies, and enables dynamic reconfiguration of client message routing.This module is a plugin for the Seneca framework. It provides a transport client that load balances outbound messages on a per-pattern basis.

seneca-mesh - Mesh your Seneca.js microservices together - no more service discovery!

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows you to wire up Seneca microservices using automatic meshing. It uses the SWIM gossip algorithm for automatic service discovery within the microservice network.To join the network, all a service has to do is contact one other service already in the network. The network then shares information about which services respond to which patterns. There is no need to configure the location of individual services anywhere.

cache-conf - Simple cache config handling for your app or module

  •    Javascript

If you don't need caching, you should use conf instead. This module extends that module and abstracts away the caching mechanism.Returns a new instance.

bulk-require - require whole directory of trees in bulk

  •    Javascript

You can also bind arguments by passing in an array instead of a glob string.In this instance data.js has multiple individual exports but argument binding also works if you export a single function with module.exports= assignment.

load-script2 - Dynamic script loading for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

This package only supports browsers that use the standard DOM API, opting to drop non-standard browsers like IE8 and below. It also removes all the options, which aren't needed most of the time.The minfied+gzipped size of load-script2 is 455B, compared to 645B for load-script.

preload-img - Preload an image on a webpage

  •    Javascript

If you know you'll need to load an image later, you can preload it upfront (when your web app loads) to make sure that it loads instantly later.Works best when the image has far-future HTTP cache headers set.

node-loadbalance - A collection of distilled load balancing engines

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of load balancing engines in (what is hopefully) their most distilled form.The goal was to create a highly reusable implementation that imposes as little as possible on the user.

node-require-smart - The smart way of requiring multiple files in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

The smart way of organizing your app's files and folders, by requiring recursivelly and automagicly parsing file names as their scope key.You can customize the way RequireSmart loads your dependencies.

gh-readme-scrape - a CLI to bulk download URLs (images/pdfs/etc) from GitHub readmes

  •    Javascript

A small CLI which scrapes GitHub readme pages for links and images of a certain file type, and then bulk downloads them into a destination folder.

json-update - Easily update JSON files with one line of code.

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a simple way to update (or load) a JSON file. If the JSON file does not exist it will be created (along with a directory structure if those directories don't exist yet).Uses underscore to extend existing JSON data with the object you specify, overriding anything with an existing property and adding properties if they are new.