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lqip-loader - Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) for Webpack

  •    Javascript

PS: The large image file will be emitted & only 400byte of Base64 (if set to true in the loader options) will be bundled. To save memory and improve GPU performance, browsers (including Chrome started from 61.0.3163.38) will now render a slightly more crisp or pixelated Base64 encoded images.

preloader - A library for loading common web assets

  •    Javascript

The preloader is capable of loading almost all types of files, if it does not understand a file type, it will attempt to load it as a basic xhr request. It extends the nodejs event emitter and uses the following events.Here is a common usage of the preloader.

load-script2 - Dynamic script loading for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

This package only supports browsers that use the standard DOM API, opting to drop non-standard browsers like IE8 and below. It also removes all the options, which aren't needed most of the time.The minfied+gzipped size of load-script2 is 455B, compared to 645B for load-script.

node-require-smart - The smart way of requiring multiple files in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

The smart way of organizing your app's files and folders, by requiring recursivelly and automagicly parsing file names as their scope key.You can customize the way RequireSmart loads your dependencies.

rc-config-loader - Load config from .{product}rc.{json,yml,js} file

  •    Javascript

Load config from .{product}rc.{json,yml,js} file. It is a Node.js library for loading .textlintrc, .eslintrc, .stylelintrc etc...

vue-script2 - Standardized, designer-friendly <script> behavior for your Single Page App

  •    Javascript

This version is tailored for the Vue.js framework, but it's easy to port to Riot.js and others. VueScript2 is primarily for internal use and not for standalone components that are being shared publicly. Those should be "self-contained" and come with all the JS they need.

hydrate-app - Quick app pre-loading using saved HTML snapshot

  •    Javascript

See a larger Vue.js demo and its source. See the hydration in action on my own website glebbahmutov.com, notice how the list of projects when you refresh appears almost instantly, while the main application still loads. Include the script right after the web app element - this is important to prevent the content after the element from shifting.

really-need - Node require wrapper with options for cache busting, pre- and post-processing

  •    Javascript

First call to require('really-need') replaced Module.prototype.require with a better version. Other modules can use new require directly. The module making the call to really-need needs to use the returned value. The require function provided by really-need takes a second argument: an options object.

react-loadqueueloader - A React component for managing loads with a load queue

  •    CoffeeScript

Sometimes you want to take the decisions about what to load and when from the browser, but still reap the benefits of queuing and prioritizing that the browser is capable of. A load queue (such as queueup.js) allows you to manage and prioritize loads in just such a way, and this React component allows an easy way of hooking asset loading for components into a load queue.

resl - 💪 Streaming RESource Loader

  •    Javascript

resl (RESource Loader) is a tiny streaming asset loader intended for use with WebGL applications. Each entry in the manifest is an object specifying the location (URL) of an asset, its type and some optional data related to parsing the asset. User defined parsers can be added to assets to help streamline loading resources.


  •    Javascript

ARCHIVED Contact mail@fokkezb.nl if you'd like to take it over. This is a widget for the Alloy MVC framework of Appcelerator's Titanium platform.