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locusts - Locust.io docker container for Python 3.6

The locusts docker image is designed for easily composing multi-container locust.io load testing swarms using Python 3.6. The locusts image functions can function as either a master or worker depending on whether or not the --master-host flag is specified in a container's run execution call. would specify a worker container where the master resides at the local host location.

bfg - a modular tool and framework for load generation that supports HTTP/2

BFG is a modular tool and framework for load generation. As a tool, BFG is intended to be a load generation module in an automated load testing environment. It will handle creating request to your server(s) using different protocols, maintaining the schedule, measuring and aggregating the results and sending them to uplinks (Mongo, Graphite, file on disk, etc.) Ammo preparation, config generation, data storage, analytics and data representation should be done by other modules of that environment.