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mcsema - Framework for lifting x86, amd64, and aarch64 program binaries to LLVM bitcode

  •    C++

McSema is an executable lifter. It translates ("lifts") executable binaries from native machine code to LLVM bitcode. LLVM bitcode is an intermediate representation form of a program that was originally created for the retargetable LLVM compiler, but which is also very useful for performing program analysis methods that would not be possible to perform on an executable binary directly. McSema enables analysts to find and retroactively harden binary programs against security bugs, independently validate vendor source code, and generate application tests with high code coverage. McSema isn’t just for static analysis. The lifted LLVM bitcode can also be fuzzed with libFuzzer, an LLVM-based instrumented fuzzer that would otherwise require the target source code. The lifted bitcode can even be compiled back into a runnable program! This is a procedure known as static binary rewriting, binary translation, or binary recompilation.

vmir - Virtual Machine for Intermediate Representation

  •    C

Optionally it can generate machine code (JIT) to speed up execution significantly. JIT is currently only supported on 32 bit ARM. VMIR is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

dg - [LLVM Static Slicer] Dependence graph for programs

  •    C++

Dg is a library which implements dependence graphs for programs. It contains a set of generic templates that can be specialized to user's needs. Dg can be used for different analyses, optimizations or program slicing (we currently use it for the last one in our tool called Symbiotic: https://github.com/staticafi/symbiotic). As a part of dg, you can find pointer analyses, reaching definitions analysis and a static slicer for LLVM. Whole project is under developement and lacks documentation for now, so in the case of need, contact us by an e-mail (below).

llvm2cpg - LLVM meets Code Property Graphs

  •    C++

llvm2cpg is a tool that converts LLVM Bitcode into Code Property Graph (CPG). The CPG can be further analyzed via Joern or Ocular.

llvm2graphml - Explore LLVM Bitcode interactively using a graph database

  •    C++

llvm2graphml is a tool that helps you explore LLVM Bitcode interactively using a graph database. The /tmp/llvm.graphml.xml now contains the graph version of the bitcode.

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