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grunt-email-workflow - A Grunt workflow for designing and testing responsive HTML email templates with SCSS

  •    CSS

Designing and testing emails is a pain. HTML tables, inline CSS, various devices and clients to test, and varying support for the latest web standards. This Grunt task helps simplify things.

preview-email - Automatically opens your browser to preview Node

  •    HTML

NOTE: You should probably just use email-templates directly instead of using this package.The function previewEmail returns a Promise which resolves with a URL. We automatically open the browser to this URL unless you specify the third argument open as false (see Options for more info).

grunt-litmus - Send email tests to Litmus using Grunt

  •    Javascript

In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named litmus to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

gulp-litmus - Sent tests to Litmus

  •    Javascript

If you're having issues with Litmus taking forever to load a test or the title of the test is showing up as "No Subject", it is most likely an issue with the Litmus API. You can check the Litmus status page to find out if their having any issues. If that's not the case, submit an issue and we'll look into further.

litmus-api - Harness the power of the Litmus API to send tests to Litmus!

  •    Javascript

#litmus-api Provides methods that correlate with the Litmus Customer API. All methods return a promise thanks to the use of the Bluebird promise library. Be sure to read the Bluebird API docs to learn about the different methods that can be used. Updates a test in your account. This is used for publishing results publicly or changing a test's title.