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hyperHTML - A Fast & Light Virtual DOM Alternative

  •    HTML

A Fast & Light Virtual DOM Alternative available for NodeJS and NativeScript too. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

i18n-utils - The i18n tag function utilitities

  •    Javascript

The i18n tag function utilitities. Related post.


  •    Javascript

library to render es6 template base on objects

l33teral - l33teral object literals

  •    Javascript

You might think I'm kidding about this but I've seen this code. It haunts my dreams. It makes me weep for the children. I hate this so much that I created this library, l33teral (pronounced: leet-er-all) to stop this madness.

es6-template-strings - Compile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6

  •    Javascript

With partial: true option, it's possible to resolve just some variables from a template. It's useful when we want to resolve template in more than one pass.

es6-template - Easy and small template engine for the browser and nodejs.

  •    Javascript

Behind the scenes es6-template uses gana which in turns use gana-compile. So the footprint and codebase is very small (~1-2kb minified and not gzipped), easy (just sync and async .compile and .render methods) and very well tested (this one has ~25 tests). Works well on browsers and even in node@0.10. Read more on gana readme.

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