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solidbase - Generic migration tool for RDBMS and other resources based on Liquibase

  •    Java

Generic migration tool for RDBMS and other resources based on Liquibase

play-liquibase - Play Liquibase Module

  •    Scala

Runs Liquibase migrations on Play application startup. Current version is built against Scala 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12 and works with Play 2.4 and higher.

pyquibase - Python wrapper for liquibase

  •    Python

Pyquibase is a Python wrapper for liquibase. There are other liquibase wrapper for python but they all require change log files to be in YAML format. Since I want to use xml file for liquibase, I built my own liquibase wrapper for python. Athough I use Pyquibase with xml files only, it should also work with other file types.

rove - MySQL Database Migration Tool Inspired by Liquibase in Go/Golang

  •    Go

The primary motivation behind this tool is to provide a simple and quick Go (instead of Java) based database migration tool that allows loading migrations from anywhere, including from inside your code so you can distribute single binary applications. You write the migration and rollback SQL, Rove will apply it for you properly. Database migrations are necessary when you make changes to your applications. You may need a new table or a new column so you have to write the SQL commands to make the changes. The tricky piece is when you perform an upgrade, how do you manage which SQL queries will run? Do you run all of them again and then the new ones after? Or is there an easy way to track which queries have been run so you only run new ones? What if you have to rollback your database because of a feature that was released too early and is causing problem? How do you manage those queries? You can definitely write your own code to manage the migration process, but Rove makes the process much easier for you. You also don't have to convert your SQL code to a another format like JSON or XML, you can just add a few comments around it and Rove will handle the rest.

springboot-oauth2-jwt - Spring Boot 2

  •    Java

Sample Spring Boot 2.0.x OAuth2 JWT Authorization Server (JWT, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Dockerize). You can use this project to boostraping Authorization your own Application.

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