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linux-web-console - Easy to use web based file browser with built in text editor, file viewer and terminal emulator

  •    TypeScript

It is an web based file manager and terminal emulator, with some built in tools like tabbed text editor, search and image/video player. It can be useful to you if you want to access/manage/deploy apps on a remote linux server from your desktop and mobile browser. You can create/edit/manage/search files in multiple tabs, run commands using built in terminal, and view images and videos, all from your browser. Setting it up on server is also very easy, as it generates and configure itself to use self signed certificate for ssl.

god - Linux utility for simplifying the Git usage.

  •    Go

god parses the available Git commands from the retrieved list (git help) and turns them into an easy-to-type, one or two char format at the execution time. Shortcuts of commonly used git commands are supported for simplifying the usage and speeding up typing even more. Installation can be made with a AUR helper tool like Trizen or yay.

zps - A small utility for listing and reaping zombie processes on GNU/Linux.

  •    C

On Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems, a zombie process or defunct process is a process that has completed execution (via the exit system call) but still has an entry in the process table. This occurs for child processes, where the entry is still needed to allow the parent process to read its child's exit status: once the exit status is read via the wait system call, the zombie's entry is removed from the process table and it is said to be "reaped". Unlike the normal processes, zombie processes cannot be removed from a system with the kill command since they are already dead. (This is where the term's metaphor [zombie - an undead person] comes from.) To reap a zombie process, SIGCHLD signal can be sent to the parent process manually using the kill command. If the parent process refuses to reap the zombie, then terminating the parent process (mostly with SIGTERM signal) can be an option. When a child process loses its parent, init process becomes its new parent and it will reap any zombies since it executes the wait system call periodically.

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