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Bodhi Linux - The Enlightened Linux Distribution

Bodhi Linux is a Linux-based operating system based upon two things Minimalism, Enlightenment desktop. It provides you a base system that is functional but not bloated. Bodhi’s default application set takes up less than 10MB of space in total.

argos - Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds

Most GNOME Shell extensions do one thing: Add a button with a dropdown menu to the panel, displaying information and exposing functionality. Even in its simplest form, creating such an extension is a nontrivial task involving a poorly documented and ever-changing JavaScript API.Argos lets you write GNOME Shell extensions in a language that every Linux user is already intimately familiar with: Bash scripts.

plotinus - A searchable command palette in every modern GTK+ application

Only a compound can be beautiful, never anything devoid of parts; and only a whole; the several parts will have beauty, not in themselves, but only as working together to give a comely total. Yet beauty in an aggregate demands beauty in details: it cannot be constructed out of ugliness; its law must run throughout.Have you used Sublime Text's or Atom's "Command Palette"? It's a list of everything those editors can do that opens at the press of a key and finds the action you are looking for just by typing a few letters. It's raw power at your fingertips.

gendesk - :rainbow: Generate

Generates .desktop files and downloads .png icons based on commandline arguments. It is also possible to specify a PKGBUILD file and use the contents as a basis.See gendesk --help or the man page for more info.

vimix-icon-theme - vimix-icon-theme

Or double-click to open that script files and select "run at the terminal" at nautilus.

volctl - PulseAudio-enabled tray icon volume control for GNU/Linux desktops.

Per-application volume control for GNU/Linux desktops. I couldn't find a simple tray icon that allows to control multiple applications easily from the task bar. So I wrote my own. The program is written in Python and fairly short and should not be too hard to understand.