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linter - A Base Linter with Cow Powers http://steelbrain.me/linter/

Linter is a base linter provider for the hackable Atom Editor. Additionally, you need to install a specific linter for your language. You will find a full list on atomlinter.github.io.It provides a top-level API to its consumer so that they can visualize errors and other types of messages with ease.

goreporter - A Golang tool that does static analysis, unit testing, code review and generate code quality report

Install goreporter (see above).You have to confirm that your project is operational. In particular, the problem with vendor, when the package is not found in the default path, goreporter will look again from the possible vendor path.

gometalinter - Concurrently run Go lint tools and normalise their output

The number of tools for statically checking Go source for errors and warnings is impressive.eg.

go-tools - A collection of tools and libraries for working with Go code, including linters and static analysis

honnef.co/go/tools/... is a collection of tools and libraries for working with Go code, including linters and static analysis.These tools are supported by patrons on Patreon and sponsors. If you use these tools at your company, consider purchasing commercial support.

interfacer - A linter that suggests interface types

A linter that suggests interface types. In other words, it warns about the usage of types that are more specific than necessary.This tool inspects the parameters of your functions to see if they fit an interface type that is less specific than the current type.

SpotBugs - FindBugs' successor, A tool for static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

SpotBugs is the spiritual successor of FindBugs, carrying on from the point where it left off with support of its community. SpotBugs is a program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

linter - Linter for Dart.

A Dart style linter.and see any violations of the annotate_overrides, hash_and_equals, and prefer_is_not_empty rules in the console. In practice you would probably configure quite a few more rules (the full list is here).

DevSkim - DevSkim is a set of IDE plugins and rules that provide security "linting" capabilities.

DevSkim is a framework of IDE extensions and Language analyzers that provide inline security analysis in the dev environment as the developer writes code. It is designed to work with multiple IDEs (VS, VS Code, Sublime Text, etc.), and has a flexible rule model that supports multiple programming languages. The idea is to give the developer notification as they are introducing a security vulnerability in order to fix the issue at the point of introduction, and to help build awareness for the developer.Please access those projects to download the plugin, open issues, or contribute content.

unparam - Report unused function parameters

Reports unused function parameters and results in your code.It also reports parameters that always receive the same values, results that always return the same values and results that are never used.

atom-linter - Helper module for linter providers

atom-linter is an npm helper module that you can import in your Linter Providers and make things easier for yourself.To make sure that old processes spawned by your linter provider are terminated on a newer invocation, you can specify uniqueKey: "my-linter" in exec or execNode options. Please note that killed processes will return null as return value, so make sure to handle that.