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  •    Javascript

The ExtRest engine uses a database repository to define your application's public REST interfaces. It listens for REST requests and calls user defined handlers. Native support is provided for typical ExtJS REST needs.

MSTest Project

  •    CSharp

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate using Microsoft Test Project.

Entity Framework 4.0 Mass Operations

  •    CSharp

Adds support for mass data manipulation operations like INSERT with SELECT, UPDATE FROM, DELETE WHERE EXISTS for Entity Framework 4.0. Works for LINQ to entity queries with EntityObjects.



Easy compiled queries for Entity Framework and Linq to SQL. You no longer have to declare static Func's to hold the compiled queries. Even better, you no longer need to figure out the right generic parameters for the Func's. Instead, QueryCache infers them automatically.

IQueryable Search

  •    LINQ

'Google-like' search with a Linq IQueryable made simple.