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lnd - Lightning Network Daemon

  •    Go

The Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) - is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node and currently deployed on testnet3 - the Bitcoin Test Network. lnd has several pluggable back-end chain services including btcd (a full-node) and neutrino (a new experimental light client). The project's codebase uses the btcsuite set of Bitcoin libraries, and also exports a large set of isolated re-usable Lightning Network related libraries within it.

ng-lightning - Native Angular 2 components & directives for Lightning Design System

  •    Typescript

This library contains native Angular components and directives written from scratch in TypeScript using the Lightning Design System CSS framework.

lightning-app - Cross-platform Lightning Wallet

  •    Javascript

N.B. The app is under development and the code has not yet been audited. It's currently configured to run on testnet. Pocket Money: prebuilt and signed releases with auto update (recommended for most users).

MavensMate - MavensMate is a collection of open source projects that aims to make building Salesforce applications accessible to developers who prefer to build applications using their local machine in text editors like Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code

  •    HTML

MavensMate is no longer being actively developed or supported. We recommend using Salesforce's official Visual Studio Code plugin for building Salesforce applications. MavensMate is a collection of open source projects that aims to make building Salesforce applications accessible to developers who prefer to build applications using their local machine in text editors like Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. MavensMate is created and maintained by Joe Ferraro with support from Mavens and these amazing contributors.

lightning-charge - A simple drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments

  •    Javascript

A drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments, built on top of c-lightning. Simple HTTP REST API, optimized for developer friendliness and ease of integration. Near-zero configuration.

base-components-recipes - A collection of base component recipes for Lightning Web Components on Salesforce Platform

  •    Javascript

View examples for base components in small bites. Each recipe demonstrates a working example of the base components to build pages and apps quickly. Use and customize the base components and the recipes in your apps. Only a subset of the components in the Component Library are available. For more information, see the Documentation section.

design-system-starter-kit - Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System

  •    HTML

Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System, HTML, and Sass. From the prototyper to the large application developer… the Design System Starter Kit is a helpful tool to get started and run prototypes of all sizes in the browser.

Quick Dmx 512 - A Simple C# DMX 512 framework

  •    CSharp

QuickDmx is a simple framework you can use to extend and quickly create scalable applications who act as Dmx 512 controllers.

lightning-rfc - Lightning Network Specifications


The specifications are currently a work-in-progress and currently being drafted.Pull requests and comments welcome, seeking input from community stakeholders.

design-system-react - Salesforce Lightning Design System in React

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the project! 👋 This library is the React implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. This library has a peer dependency on @salesforce-ux/design-system, react, and react-dom. It is tested with React 16 and has a stable API despite its version number. Please polyfill this library in order to meet your target environment needs. Please view Create React App Setup for more information on using this library with Create React App.

Lightning - A Swift Multiplatform Single-threaded Non-blocking Web and Networking Framework

  •    Swift

Lightning is an HTTP Server and TCP Client/Server framework written in Swift and inspired by Node.js. It runs on both OS X and Linux. Like Node.js, Lightning uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. In the same way that Node.js uses libuv to implement this model, Lightning uses libdispatch. This makes Lightning fast, efficient, and most crutially single-threaded by default. You simply do not need to worry about locks/mutexes/semaphores/etc if you have server-side state. Of course, Lightning applications can make use of libdispatch to easily offload heavy processing to a background thread if necessary.


  •    JQuery

Turn any element into a lightbox or popover link for Youtube and Vimeo videos.

paper - Lightning Network Paper

  •    TeX

This is the Bitcoin Lightning Network paper.Paper is in LaTeX format. Diagrams are in dia, but may remake the diagrams in inkscape for cleanliness.

lightning - Lightning is a base distribution for fast and feature-rich Drupal

  •    PHP

Lightning's mission is to enable developers to create great authoring experiences and empower editorial teams. You'll notice that Lightning appears very sparse out of the box. This is by design. We want to empower editorial teams and enable developers to jump-start their site builds. That means that a developer should never have to undo something that Lightning has done. So we started with a blank slate and justified each addition from there.

lightning-project - A Composer-based installer for the Lightning distribution of Drupal 8.


Composer will create a new directory called MY_PROJECT containing a docroot directory with a full Lightning code base therein. You can then install it like you would any other Drupal site. The magic is that Composer, unlike Drush, is a dependency manager. If module foo version: 1.0.0 depends on baz version: 3.2.0, Composer will not let you update baz to 3.3.0 (or downgrade it to 3.1.0, for that matter). Drush has no concept of dependency management. If you've ever accidentally hosed a site because of dependency issues like this, you've probably already realized how valuable Composer can be.