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ts-express-decorators - :triangular_ruler: A TypeScript Framework on top of Express

  •    TypeScript

Ts.ED is a framework on top of Express to write your application with TypeScript (or in ES6). It provides a lot of decorators to write your code. Important! TsExpressDecorators requires Node >= 6, Express >= 4, TypeScript >= 2.0 and the experimentalDecorators, emitDecoratorMetadata, types and lib compilation options in your tsconfig.json file.

flutter_todos_redux - A flutter todo app built using redux for state management

  •    Dart

A Flutter hobby project using redux for state management. The UI has been inspired from a dribbble by DhipuMathew. I have been playing with flutter for about 3 weeks(sep 2018). This is my very first flutter app I built to check out the framework. The codebase is not well structured and also can be coded better. It is me just playing with the framework and quickly prototyping a working app.