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  •    Ruby

Like a Choose Your Own Adventure site, but only much less interesting.ChooseALicense.com is designed to help people make an informed decision about licenses by demystifying license choices through non-judgmental guidance.

Product Key Generator


Generates lage quantities of product keys/serial #'s for any setup program made with a Visual Studio Setup Project. It's developed in Visual Basic (VB) 2005/2008.

Licenser - A Software license package

  •    DotNet

A package used by the software developers for licensing their products. The produced license file is digitally signed. It is also specific for the licensed computer. The developer may license any feature in his program separately. Each of the license features might be time dep...

License Header Manager for Visual Studio


Automatically insert license headers into your source code files in Visual Studio.

Activatar - Product Key Activation System

  •    DotNet

Product Key Activation system similar to Microsoft products. Generate Product Keys and provide Software Activation based on RSA asymmetric encryption.

Software Protector

  •    DotNet

Software Protector is an open source 100% managed .NET licensing system based on SKGL Project. Generate keys for your software, and validate them using SKGL lib

Install Key


Add License Validation, Product Activation, and Installation Keys to your .Net based application. Prevent casual copying and keep your customers honest. Similar to Microsoft style product activation where the product key is validated against an internet server.

SKGL - Serial Key Generating Library

  •    DotNet

This project helps you to create a well-working, easy-to-use software licensing system. 20 letters short serial key, feature locking, machine locking...

Cryptosolic - The Cryptography & Software Licensing Framework for .Net


Cryptosolic is an Open Source Cryptography & Software Licensing Framework for .Net. More Information and Downloads available soon.

licensee - A Ruby Gem to detect under what license a project is distributed.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby Gem to detect under what license a project is distributed. Special thanks to @vmg for his Git and algorithmic prowess.

simpleopendata - simple guidelines for publishing open data in useful formats

  •    HTML

Straightforward, concrete suggestions for how to do open data, for governments, organizations, and companies. The text is maintained in index.md.

go-aquatic-prime - A pure go implementation of AquaticPrime - software licensing code using cryptographically signed license files

  •    Go

go-aquatic-prime implements the Aquatic Prime licensing code in pure go. go-auqatic-prime can be used to generate and validate those licenses.

make-license - Node CLI to generate a LICENSE for your project

  •    Javascript

NodeJS CLI that generates a LICENSE file for your open source projects. You will now have a LICENSE file generated in your current working directory.

licenses - Retrieve accurate license information for a given npm package.

  •    Javascript

But the biggest problem is figuring out which license a module is actually using. There are a lot of ways of saying that your code is licensed under MIT. There are people who rather say licensed under MIT than just stating MIT. So the way we write which license we use differ but also the location of our licenses. It can be in the package.json hiding in various of properties or specified in the README.md of the project or even a dedicated LICENSE file in the repository. Now that you've taken the time to read about some of these issues above, you know why this module exists. It tries to fulfill one simple task. Get a human readable license from a given node module.

licensing - Discover the license footprint of your application

  •    Javascript

This is a small command line utlity to figure out the licensing footprint of your project or from a given module name.

earnshark-sdk-js - JavaScript SDK to call https://app.earnshark.com API

  •    Javascript

This is a JavaScript SDK to call https://app.earnshark.com API. Contains methods to call the EarnShark API making the application integration fast. Then you will be able to access the EarnShark API through your code.

licensed - A Ruby gem to cache and verify the licenses of dependencies

  •    Ruby

Licensed is a Ruby gem to cache the licenses of dependencies and check their status. Licensed is not a complete open source license compliance solution. Please understand the important disclaimer below to make appropriate use of Licensed.

license-to-fail - A license to fail your build (exits when a package in node_modules has a disallowed license)

  •    Javascript

Will error when any packages in node_modules don't satisfy your allowed licenses. Uses license-checker.

LicensingViewController - 📃 UIViewController subclass with a simple API for displaying licensing information

  •    Swift

LicensingViewController is a UIViewController subclass with a simple API for displaying licensing information. Then run carthage update.

veye-checker - This projects creates SHA values for locale binaries - Shazam for packages.

  •    Rust

It's a command-line util that scans packaged binaries and resolves their SHA digest values into the package information. The whole idea behind this utility is described in the Versioneye's blogpost "Identifying components by SHA values". One can use this utility to lookup a version details of the package, fetch a license ID for the binary or get vulnerability details or automate due diligence process without installing any runtime or additional dependencies.

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