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Snipe-IT - Open Source Asset Management System

  •    PHP

This is a FOSS project for asset management in IT Operations. Knowing who has which laptop, when it was purchased in order to depreciate it correctly, handling software licenses, etc. It helps to see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the asset's complete history. Seeing what assets are currently deployed, pending (brand new awaiting software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken) is quick and easy.

LicensePlist - A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications

  •    Swift

LicensePlist is a command-line tool that automatically generates a Plist of all your dependencies, including files added manually(specified by YAML config file) or using Carthage or CocoaPods. All these licenses then show up in the Settings app. Download from Releases, then copy to /usr/local/bin/license-plist etc.

glpi - GLPI is a Free Asset and IT Management Software package, Data center management, ITIL Service Desk, licenses tracking and software auditing

  •    PHP

GLPI stands for Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique is a Free Asset and IT Management Software package, that provides ITIL Service Desk features, licenses tracking and software auditing. Moreover, GLPI supports many plugins that provide additional features.

fossology - FOSSology is an open source license compliance software system and toolkit

  •    PHP

FOSSology is an open source license compliance software system and toolkit. As a toolkit, you can run license, copyright and export control scans from the command line. As a system, a database and web UI are provided to give you a compliance workflow. In one click you can generate an SPDX file or a ReadMe with all the copyrights notices from your software. FOSSology deduplication means that you can scan an entire distro, rescan a new version, and only the changed files will get rescanned. This is a big time saver for large projects. The PHP versions 7.x are supported to work for FOSSology. FOSSology requires Postgresql as the database server and apache httpd 2.6 as the web server. These and more dependencies are installed by utils/fo-installdeps.

legit - Add licenses to projects at the command line

  •    Javascript

legit is a command line application that allows you to automagically generate a LICENSE file for the current working directory that you are in or a license header for a file where applicable.

lisense - Sensible repository licensing for Humans

  •    Python

GitHub recently launched their License API, it's still in preview stage though. They also released a blog post showing Open source license usage on GitHub.com, which is enough to convice you that why adding a license is sine qua non.Newton and Open Source, Respect both, let us.

licenseclassifier - A License Classifier

  •    Go

The license classifier is a library and set of tools that can analyze text to determine what type of license it contains. It searches for license texts in a file and compares it to an archive of known licenses. These files could be, e.g., LICENSE files with a single or multiple licenses in it, or source code files with the license text in a comment.A "confidence level" is associated with each result indicating how close the match was. A confidence level of 1.0 indicates an exact match, while a confidence level of 0.0 indicates that no license was able to match the text.

licenseye - Node.js CLI tool to visualize an aggregate list of your dependencies' licenses

  •    Javascript

Node.js CLI tool to visualize an aggregate list of your dependencies' licenses Edit Add topics

go-aquatic-prime - A pure go implementation of AquaticPrime - software licensing code using cryptographically signed license files

  •    Go

go-aquatic-prime implements the Aquatic Prime licensing code in pure go. go-auqatic-prime can be used to generate and validate those licenses.

license - Python library that encapsulates free software licenses

  •    Python

license is a Python library providing some metadata about common free software licenses, such as GNU GPL, MIT and others. It is compatible with Python 3.3+ and legacy Python 2.7. License classes also offer a static method render() that will output the entire license text. Some variables have to be passed to it, usually name, email and optional year (current year is used when omitted).

php-legal-licenses - A utility to help generate a file containing information about dependencies including the full license text

  •    PHP

Legal Licenses is a utility to help generate a single text file containing all of the important information about a project's dependencies. In some organizations, the use of Open Source Software (OSS) is strictly controlled and audited, and requires having every OSS library simply documented. This utility will generate a licenses.md file in the root of your project that contains a list of all dependencies, the currently installed version, commit sha, its description, homepage, list of licenses, and full license text if it is present in the dependency source code directly. It receives this information from the composer.lock file, so you must have run a composer update or composer install at least once in order to use this utility.

sonarqube-licensecheck - SonarQube Licensecheck Plugin

  •    Java

This SonarQube plugin ensures that projects in an organization adhere to a set of standard libraries and versions. This enables the governance of the used libraries and licences. Put the pre-built jar-file (from release downloads) in the directory $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins and restart the server to install the plugin. Activate the rules of this plugin ("License is not allowed", "Dependency has unknown license") in your SonarQube quality profiles - otherwise the plugin is not executed.

licensed - A Ruby gem to cache and verify the licenses of dependencies

  •    Ruby

Licensed is a Ruby gem to cache the licenses of dependencies and check their status. Licensed is not a complete open source license compliance solution. Please understand the important disclaimer below to make appropriate use of Licensed.

go-license-detector - Reliable project licenses detector

  •    Go

Project license detector - a command line application and a library, written in Go. It scans the given directory for license files, normalizes and hashes them and outputs all the fuzzy matches with the list of reference texts. The returned names follow SPDX standard. Read the blog post. Why? There are no similar projects which can be compiled into a native binary without dependencies and also support the whole SPDX license database (≈400 items). This implementation is also fast, requires little memory, and the API is easy to use.

lc - licensechecker (lc) a command line application which scans directories and identifies what software license things are under producing reports as either SPDX, CSV, JSON or CLI Tabular output

  •    Go

In a nutshell this project is a reimplementation of http://www.boyter.org/2017/05/identify-software-licenses-python-vector-space-search-ngram-keywords/ using Go while I attempt to nut out the nuances of the language. It can produce report outputs as valid SPDX, CSV, JSON and CLI formatted. It has been designed to work inside CI systems that capture either stdout or file artifacts.

weasel - Lightweight license checker.

  •    Go

This is an automatic license checker aimed at ensuring compliance with the Apache Software Foundation processes. It does not ensure compliance, but it catches many common errors automatically. That will list all the potentially problematic licenses in the project. You'll probably need to configure your .dependency_license file to document the dependencies that can't be detected automatically and suppress the ones that are detected wrongly.

SimpleLicensing - A Go Based Licensing System for Digital Rights Management

  •    Go

Included is a simple Server i built to handle the backend things, a database.sql file (you need to import into MySQL), the main package (License.go), and a example client show you how it could be used. This is something i put together fast, but it works. Feel free to use it as you please.

flexlm_exporter - Prometheus exporter for FLEXlm License Manager information

  •    Go

Prometheus exporter for FLEXlm License Manager lmstat license information. This is an illustrative example of the configuration file in YAML format.

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