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LicensePlist - A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications

  •    Swift

LicensePlist is a command-line tool that automatically generates a Plist of all your dependencies, including files added manually(specified by YAML config file) or using Carthage or CocoaPods. All these licenses then show up in the Settings app. Download from Releases, then copy to /usr/local/bin/license-plist etc.

license-checker - Check NPM package licenses

  •    Javascript

A list of licenses is the simplest way to describe what you want to exclude.You can use valid SPDX identifiers. You can use valid SPDX expressions like MIT OR X11. You can use non-valid SPDX identifiers, like Public Domain, since npm does support some license strings that are not SPDX identifiers.

legit - Add licenses to projects at the command line

  •    Javascript

legit is a command line application that allows you to automagically generate a LICENSE file for the current working directory that you are in or a license header for a file where applicable.

Licenser - A Software license package

  •    DotNet

A package used by the software developers for licensing their products. The produced license file is digitally signed. It is also specific for the licensed computer. The developer may license any feature in his program separately. Each of the license features might be time dep...

Activatar - Product Key Activation System

  •    DotNet

Product Key Activation system similar to Microsoft products. Generate Product Keys and provide Software Activation based on RSA asymmetric encryption.

Software Protector

  •    DotNet

Software Protector is an open source 100% managed .NET licensing system based on SKGL Project. Generate keys for your software, and validate them using SKGL lib

SKGL - Serial Key Generating Library

  •    DotNet

This project helps you to create a well-working, easy-to-use software licensing system. 20 letters short serial key, feature locking, machine locking...

normalize-license-data - clean up licenses from package.json files and the npm registry

  •    Javascript

clean up licenses from package.json files and the npm registry

lisense - Sensible repository licensing for Humans

  •    Python

GitHub recently launched their License API, it's still in preview stage though. They also released a blog post showing Open source license usage on GitHub.com, which is enough to convice you that why adding a license is sine qua non.Newton and Open Source, Respect both, let us.

spdx-license-list - List of SPDX licenses

  •    Javascript

The lists of licenses are just JSON files and can be used wherever.The licenses are indexed by their identifier and contains a name property with the full name of the license, url with the URL to the license, and osiApproved boolean for whether the license is OSI Approved.

js-green-licenses - JavaScript package.json License Checker

  •    TypeScript

This is not an official Google product.This is a tool for checking the license of JavaScript projects. It scans the package.json file to check its license and recursively checks all of its dependencies.

node-machine-id - Unique machine (desktop) id (no admin privileges required)

  •    Javascript

Module based on OS native UUID/GUID which used for internal needs.It is generated during OS installation and won't change unless you make another OS updates or reinstall. Depending on the OS version it may contain the network adapter MAC address embedded (plus some other numbers, including random), or a pseudorandom number.

licenseye - Node.js CLI tool to visualize an aggregate list of your dependencies' licenses

  •    Javascript

Node.js CLI tool to visualize an aggregate list of your dependencies' licenses Edit Add topics

vsc-licenser - License handler extension for Visual Studio Code.

  •    TypeScript

An extension for adding license headers and LICENSE file in your workspace. You can find this extension on Marketplace for VS Code. Launch your VS Code, open Quick Open box (Mod+P), and run following command.

oss.ninja - 👩‍⚖️ Dynamic licenses for your projects - no more LICENSE.txt!

  •    Javascript

Dynamically generated licenses for your projects. This project is built with preact-cli. For a detailed explanation of how things work, check out the preact-cli readme.