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rb-libsvm - Ruby language bindings for LIBSVM

  •    C++

This package provides a Ruby bindings to the LIBSVM library. SVM is a machine learning and classification algorithm, and LIBSVM is a popular free implementation of it, written by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin, of National Taiwan University, Taipei. See the book "Programming Collective Intelligence," among others, for a usage example. There is a JRuby implementation of this gem named jrb-libsvm by Andreas Eger.

node-svm - Support Vector Machines for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Support Vector Machine (SVM) library for nodejs & io.js . Support vector machines are supervised learning models that analyze data and recognize patterns. A special property is that they simultaneously minimize the empirical classification error and maximize the geometric margin; hence they are also known as maximum margin classifiers.

LIBSVM.jl - LIBSVM bindings for Julia

  •    Julia

This is a Julia interface for LIBSVM. This provides a lower level API similar to LIBSVM C-interface. See ?svmtrain for options.

libsvm - LIBSVM for the browser and nodejs :fire:

  •    Javascript

Port of to port libsvm v3.22 using emscripten , for usage in the browser or nodejs. 2 build targets: asm and WebAssembly. What is libsvm? libsvm is a c++ library developped by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin that allows to do support vector machine (aka SVM) classification and regression.

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