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sass.js - Sass.js - API for emscripted libsass to run in the browser

  •    Javascript

Sass parser in JavaScript. Have a look at the Interactive Playground to play around with compiling SCSS to CSS in your browser.This is a convenience API for emscripted libsass (at v3.4.8). If you're looking to run Sass in node, you're probably looking for node-sass. Sass.js and node-sass should generate the same results.

node-sass - :rainbow: Node.js bindings to libsass

  •    C++

Node-sass is a library that provides binding for Node.js to LibSass, the C version of the popular stylesheet preprocessor, Sass. It allows you to natively compile .scss files to css at incredible speed and automatically via a connect middleware.

sass-loader - Compiles Sass to CSS

  •    HTML

Loads a Sass/SCSS file and compiles it to CSS. Use the css-loader or the raw-loader to turn it into a JS module and the mini-css-extract-plugin to extract it into a separate file. Looking for the webpack 1 loader? Check out the archive/webpack-1 branch.

true - Sass unit tests

  •    CSS

True is a unit-testing tool for Sass code – initially developed for the Susy layout toolkit. All of the test code is written in pure Sass, and can be compiled by any Sass compiler – but we also provide integration with Mocha JS, for extra features and improved reporting. True the wheels of a bicycle after striking a pothole.



The .Net wrapper of the libsass library that is C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler.

sass-brunch - Adds Sass / Scss support to brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds Sass support to brunch.Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev sass-brunch.

LibSassHost -

  •    C++

.NET wrapper around the LibSass library with the ability to support a virtual file system.* - Requires msvcp140.dll assembly from the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

generator-playbook - A Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences.

  •    ApacheConf

Playbook is a Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences. Jekyll is included for static site generation. Bourbon, Neat & Bitters are included to help you write CSS faster. Gulp is used for compilation of Sass and CoffeeScript (optional). Bower is used for managing dependencies or Browserify for node modules with ES6 (optional).

grunt-sass-globbing - Create file with import statements from a configured path

  •    Javascript

This plugin can be used with Ruby Sass as an alternative for the Ruby Gem sass-globbing. It might increase speed on compile time but there is no comparison yet. libsass (and Ruby Sass) do not support globbing out-of-the-box. This plugin helps you migrating existing projects from Ruby Sass to libsass.

broccoli-sass - Sass compiler for Broccoli, using libsass

  •    Javascript

The broccoli-sass plugin compiles .scss and .sass files with libsass. inputNodes: An array of nodes that act as the include paths for libsass. If you have a single node, pass [node].

postcss-sass - Use Sass as a PostCSS plugin

  •    Javascript

PostCSS Sass lets you use Sass as a PostCSS plugin. PostCSS Sass uses node-sass to provide binding for Node.js to LibSass, the C version of Sass.

sass-list-maps - Polyfill for map (hash/object) data functionality in libsass and ruby-sass < 3.3.x.

  •    CSS

These functions provide a forward-compatible polyfill for SassScript map (hash) data-type functionality in libsass 2.x or lower, and ruby-sass 3.2.x or lower, using the list data-type. They feature-match the ruby-sass (3.3.x or higher) native map functions, and add nested (or 'chained') get(), set() and merge() functions and inspection / debugging functions as well. You can test-drive these functions at Sassmeister, in this pre-loaded gist—but note that the libsass version at Sassmeister might be a couple of point-releases behind this repo.

sass-maps-plus - Advanced SassScript Map data functions for all versions of Sass

  •    CSS

Sass-Maps-Plus is aimed at providing advanced manipulation (and debugging!) for the Sass map data type. They are the successor to Sass List–Maps, which polyfilled maps in earlier versions of Sass; but use the native implementation of maps which are in [ruby] Sass as of version 3.3, and LibSass as of version 3.1. With version 1.0.0, the main functions (map-get, map-set and map-merge) have been conformed to the feature-descriptions posted by @nex3 in this issue thread, which are the basis of a work-in-progress for the next version of ruby-sass.

brackets-sass - Enable Live Preview and compile SASS files within Brackets

  •    Javascript

Compiles *.scss/*.sass files when changed. Updates styles during Live Preview. Demo video: http://youtu.be/gYE7jybP_5Y. By default, this extension uses libsass 3.1. The Ruby-based sass compiler is also supported, see sass.compiler preference. For details on compatibility with the latest Sass features and popular Sass frameworks, see the wiki.

node-sass-middleware - connect middleware extracted from node-sass

  •    Javascript

Connect/Express middleware for node-sass. Recompile .scss or .sass files automatically for connect and express based http servers.

sass-spec - Official Sass Spec Suite

  •    CSS

A test suite for Sass. The test cases are all in the /spec folder. Sass spec is written in ruby, so you will need to have ruby and bundler installed in order to run it.

sass4clj - Clojure compiler for SASS, for Lein and Boot, using Libsass Java wrapper

  •    Clojure

Clojure wrapper for jsass JNA wrapper for Libsass. This repository also contains Boot and Leiningen tasks. To disable this add a no operation logger to your project. As this is only required on build phase, you can use :scope "test" so that the dependency is not transitive and is not included in uberjar. Alternatively you can add this dependency to your Leiningen dev profile.

node-sass-import-once - Eyeglass style Import Once, but for all the things!

  •    CSS

Custom importer for node-sass that only allows a file to be imported once. Includes additional import bonuses including importing CSS files directly into Sass, automagic Bower imports, the ability to import an `index` file from within a folder name, and the ability to import JSON and YAML files as Sass maps. Inspired by Eyeglass.

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