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raspotify - Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™

  •    Shell

Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™. Raspotify is a Spotify Connect client for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™. Raspotify is a Debian package and associated repository which thinly wraps the awesome librespot library by Paul Lietar and others. It works out of the box on all three revisions of the Pi, immediately after installation.

librespot - Open Source Spotify client library

  •    Rust

librespot is an open source client library for Spotify. It enables applications to use Spotify's service, without using the official but closed-source libspotify. Additionally, it will provide extra features which are not available in the official library. As the origin by plietar is no longer actively maintained, this organisation and repository have been set up so that the project may be maintained and upgraded in the future.

clinet - Official repository for Clinet, a Discord bot intended for assistance and control within your guilds

  •    Go

After the Clinet bot is invited to your Discord server, it will immediately begin listening for certain keywords within conversations to trigger certain events. Clinet will listen for a message that prefixes a query with a mention of it to detect when it is being queried to do something or answer a question. It begins by checking a list of RegEx expressions stored in the bot configuration to look for configurable responses that bot hosters can set for their specific instance of the bot. If nothing is found, then it continues on to check for hard-coded natural language queries to trigger various commands. If that fails, it again continues on to query DuckDuckGo's Instant Answers API for a possible response. If DuckDuckGo comes up short, it finally queries Wolfram|Alpha as a last resort (as Wolfram|Alpha's API services are limited for non-paying developers). Should no responses be found from any of the three sources, Clinet tells the user that there was an error finding a response for the given query.