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node-pg-native - Native (C/C++) bindings to PostgreSQL with sync and async options.

  •    Javascript

A slightly nicer interface to Postgres over node-libpq

node-pg-async - PostgreSQL :elephant: client for node

  •    Javascript

Tiny but powerful Promise based PostgreSQL client for node.js designed for easy use with ES7 async/await. Based on node-postgres (known as pg in npm registry). Can use pg or native pg-native backend. If you miss something, don't be shy, just open new issue! It will be nice if you label your issue with prefix [bug] [doc] [question] [typo] etc.

libpq.framework - An XCode project to compile your own libpq.framework for iOS 11.x

  •    C

libpq is a set of library functions that allow client programs to pass queries to the PostgreSQL backend database server and to receive the results of these sql queries. This repository allows you to easily create a libpq.framework to use in your iOS applications.

dpq2 - This is yet another attempt to create a good interface to PostgreSQL for the D programming language

  •    D

This is yet another attempt to create a good interface to PostgreSQL for the D programming language. It adds only tiny overhead to the original low level library libpq but make convenient use PostgreSQL from D.

LibPQ.jl - A Julia wrapper for libpq

  •    Julia

LibPQ.jl is a Julia wrapper for the PostgreSQL libpq C library. LibPQ.jl aims to wrap libpq as documented in the PostgreSQL documentation, including all non-deprecated functionality and handling all documented error conditions. Where possible, asynchronous functionality will be wrapped in idiomatic Julia control flow. All Oids returned in query results will have type conversions (to String by default) defined, as long as I can find documentation on their structure. Some effort will be made to integrate with other packages (e.g., DataStreams, already implemented) to facilitate conversion from query results to a malleable format.

pg_async.rs - Asynchronous, HA (master-master) PostgreSQL driver on top of libpq.

  •    Rust

Asynchronous, HA (master-master) PostgreSQL driver on top of libpq. The combination of libpq and OpenSSL doesn't work very well during PostgreSQL server restarts. I've seen libpq SEGV-crash reliably when the OpenSSL layer is enabled. For the driver to properly work around PostgreSQL server unavailability and restarts I recommend adding the "sslmode=disable" disabler to the connection strings.

taopq - C++ client library for PostgreSQL

  •    C++

taoPQ is a light-weight C++ client library for accessing a PostgreSQL database, providing a modern wrapper for libpq. It has no dependencies beyond a C++17 compatible compiler and the PostgreSQL libpq client library. This library provides classes for database connections and transactions, as well as connection pools and table writers. It also supports for prepared statements and nested transaction. An extensible traits mechanism is used to convert C++ types into SQL statement parameters, and conversely to convert query results into arbitrary C++ types. The following example shows the basic look and feel of the library.

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