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git2go - Git to Go; bindings for libgit2. Like McDonald's but tastier.

  •    Go

Go bindings for libgit2.which will ensure there are no sudden changes to the API.

objective-git - Objective-C bindings to libgit2

  •    Objective-C

ObjectiveGit provides Cocoa bindings to the libgit2 library, packaged as a dynamic framework for OS X and iOS 8 or better.Many classes in the ObjectiveGit API wrap a C struct from libgit2 and expose the underlying data and operations using Cocoa idioms. The underlying libgit2 types are prefixed with git_ and are often accessible via a property so that your application can take advantage of the libgit2 API directly.

rugged - ruby bindings to libgit2

  •    C

Rugged is a library for accessing libgit2 in Ruby. It gives you the speed and portability of libgit2 with the beauty of the Ruby language.libgit2 is a pure C implementation of the Git core methods. It's designed to be fast and portable. For more information about libgit2, check out libgit2's website or browse the libgit2 organization on GitHub.

pygit2 - Python bindings for libgit2

  •    Python

Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library, libgit2 implements Git plumbing.

NodeGit - Native Node bindings to Git

  •    Javascript

NodeGit is native asynchronous bindings to libgit2 for Node.js.

git-utils - Git Node Module

  •    Javascript

Helpers for working with Git repositories built natively on top of libgit2.Open the repository at the given path. This will return null if the repository at the given path does not exist or cannot be opened.

nodegit-kit - Complementary NodeGit helpers returning native Promises, helps with git commands such as init, add, commit, status, diff

  •    Javascript

Promises for git commands such as git init, git status, git add *, git diff, git log and git commit -am"commit message". Returns repository, if no repo is found, tries to create the directory and initializes the repository. Initializing is using init internally.


  •    C++

GitLink is a package for integrating git functionality into the Wolfram Language. GitLink supports 11.1 and later versions of Wolfram Language deployments for the desktop, including Wolfram Desktop and Mathematica. To access the documentation, open the notebook interface help viewer, and search for GitLink. The first hit will be a summary page enumerating the most commonly used functions in GitLink. It also includes links to other summary pages enumerating a full list of functions for branches and references, and for low-level git operations.

p5-Git-Raw - Perl bindings to the Git linkable library (libgit2)

  •    Perl

libgit2 is a pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library designed to be fast and portable with a solid API. This module provides Perl bindings to the libgit2 API. WARNING: The API of this module is unstable and may change without warning (any change will be appropriately documented in the changelog).