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layout-bmfont-text - word-wraps and lays out text glyphs

  •    Javascript

Provides layout and word-wrapping for left-to-right Latin text, primarily aimed at bitmap font rendering in Canvas/WebGL. The input font should be in the format of BMFont json, see here.You can use bmfont-lato for testing, or load-bmfont for Node/Browser loading.

react-with-direction - Components to provide and consume RTL or LTR direction in React

  •    Javascript

Components to support both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) layouts in React.Supporting RTL or switching between different directions can be tricky. Most browsers have built-in support for displaying markup like paragraphs, lists, and tables. But what about interactive or complex custom UI components? In a right-to-left layout, a photo carousel should advance in the opposite direction, and the primary tab in a navigation control should the rightmost, for example.


  •    Javascript

Create right-to-left (RTL) CSS from left-to-right (LTR) CSS, and vice versa. This is useful for making websites work visually for both LTR languages (like English) and RTL languages (like Arabic). FlipCSS takes a stylesheet as input, and outputs one that flows in the opposite direction. When somebody browse your web page, you can use your backend to serve the stylesheet that fits the requested language.

flutter-i18n - Flutter i18n for Arabic and English

  •    Dart

A Flutter app that shows internationlizations (i18n) and how to switch between different langagues, and using translated texts for Widgets. It does not use Dart's intl package, instead it uses all of its translations directly in per language Maps (I saw it much cleaner than using Dart intl to generate translation strings).

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