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gobook - A complete introduction into Go, superseded by https://github.com/miekg/learninggo

"Learning Go" is now available online.See http://miek.nl/go and this github repo.

MVC Music Store

MVC Music Store is a tutorial application built on ASP.NET MVC. It's a lightweight sample store which demonstrates ASP.NET MVC using Entity Framework.

eFront - Robust Learning Platform

eFront is a robust learning platform, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. Its features include Content management, Assessments, Projects, Scheduling, Glossary, File library, Lesson rules, Scorm support and lot more.

learn - learn

I am an endless, active learner. I embrace challenges beyond my current abilities to broaden my knowledge the most. I want to know a little about a lot, and a lot about little: my favorites are C++ and Go.The best way to learn is to teach what you have learned to other people. I tried YouTube channel, which was hard to maintain. So I decided to write my own textbook. I am still learning, and I may say things out of ignorance. Every post is working in progress, non-committal on a timeline. The point is to review and improve over time. This is a personal white-board where I scribble anything, organize my code, learning experiences.

Kolibri - The offline app for universal education

Kolibri is a Learning Management System / Learning App designed to run on low-power devices, targeting the needs of learners and teachers in contexts with limited infrastructure. A user can install Kolibri and serve the app on a local network, without an internet connection. Kolibri installations can be linked to one another, so that user data and content can be shared. Users can create content for Kolibri and share it when there is network access to another Kolibri installation or the internet.

Spelling Quiz Manager

This is a project I started years ago to help my kids with their spelling tests at school. It's far from perfect, but a good start anyway!

SchoolCORE (Code-Name: Firebrand)

SchoolCORE is a set of tools that help every aspect of the school lifecycle. I am looking for App Developers, Testers, Infrastructure Architects, SQL Devs, Educators and graphic designers. Everyone is accepted and encuraged to participate! For more information, email me at zow...

Vocabulary Training Center

SharpVTC (VTC=Vocabulary Training Center) is a tool for learning vocabulary. By using SharpVTC, students can create vocabulary collections, structure their content based on different contexts and run vocabulary tests. SharpVTC is developed in C#.

SharePoint Labs

SPLabs is a set of labs, either VB.NET or C#, focused on SharePoint technologies. Each lab is in itself a tutorial to learn a specific area of SharePoint.

SharePoint Learning Kit

The SharePoint Learning Kit is a community-source eLearning tool that integrates with Learning Gateway. Rich content is supported with full SCORM 2004 compliance and basic functions are supported for any electronic document.

Saga Engine

Goal : To provide the nessacery tools, and code to complete a complete 2d-platformer game engine, for use with the xna graphics development api


Este projeto é desenvolvido com o intuíto de treinar o desenvolvimento de aplicações em C#. Ele contém ferramentas para cálculos de física e matemática, além de material de pesquisa. Desenvolvedor: Cristian de Oliveira Rodrigues

GuitarSoft - abandoned

This is a guitar learning program. It is programmed in Visual Basic 2008. It needs much work, and I am looking for team members.

Entry-Level C# Password Generator

The Entry-Level C# Password Generator is a piece of software written for two purposes. To be kept as simple as possible for newcomers to the langauge to understand how to use the language and to help people make a new secure password for themselves.


The purpose of the DotNetSCORM™ project is to create an Open Source Learning Management System using .Net technologies. There are currently several SCORM compliant Learning Management System’s written in Java and PHP. These are mostly based upon the ADL Sample RTE. However due...


Rincevent is a software that allows you to learn in a non-monotonous manner, all day long, wherever you are.

AntMe! v2.0

You can easily program your own insect tribe. There are various challenges such as collecting food and fighting against bugs. The level of “AntMe!” does not require players to learn about if-else-switch-for and other structures right from the start.