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leaflet - R Interface to Leaflet Maps

  •    Javascript

Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps. This R package makes it easy to create Leaflet maps from R. In addition to the usual R package documentation, we also have extensive docs and examples at: http://rstudio.github.io/leaflet You may use Github issues to file bug reports or feature requests, and ask questions on StackOverflow or in the Shiny mailing list.

ui-leaflet - AngularJS directive to embed an interact with maps managed by Leaflet library

  •    Javascript

While we are grateful for all the original work at tombatossals/angular-leaflet-directive. We need to be able to operate as an organization to respond to issues, pull-requests and other various items quicker. We need to be able to add other developers as admins easier via group permissions via github orgs. Lastly this project needs to be more credible via being a group / org.Please note the master branch is currently in a "in-progress state" and is not suitable for use at this point. We are trying break up the library to be more unix / plugin like. This will reduce the burden of constant changes to the core repo (this repo) for each and every unforseeable plugin that leaflet has. Therefore, the new usage plugins will require developers (angular-ui or not) to create specific angular directives, services, factories, and etc to extend the main ui-leaflet directive. Where ui-leaflet would be the main dependency.

vueleaflet - Vue components for Leaflet maps

  •    Javascript

Here is Vue components for Leaflet maps, which is inspired by react-leaflet and vue-google-maps. This branch adapts with vue 2.0, vuex 2.0 and leaflet 1.0.3.

Leaflet.Terminator - Night and day regions on Earth

  •    Javascript

Overlay day and night regions on a Leaflet Earth map. In addition to all Polygon options, Leaflet.Terminator has a new option "resolution", which gives the step size at which the terminator points are computed. The step size is 1°/resolution, i.e. higher resolution values have smaller step sizes and more points in the polygon. The default value is 2.

Leaflet.PixiOverlay - Bring Pixi.js power to Leaflet maps

  •    Javascript

An overlay class for Leaflet, a JS library for interactive maps. Allows drawing overlay using Pixi.js, a JavaScript library for drawing using WebGL that seamlessly falls back to HTML5's canvas if needed. Thanks to Leaflet.D3SvgOverlay for inspiration. A very basic demo.

React-Leaflet-demo - Demo of a Leaflet map created with React

  •    Javascript

A bare bones vanilla Leaflet.JS map created using React and Create React App as a starting point for the app scaffolding. View the live demo.

harp-leaflet - Leaflet plugin for harp.gl

  •    TypeScript

to download and install harp-leaflet plugin package. harp-leaflet comes with basic integration tests that run in browser. To run tests in developer envrionment execute yarn start-tests --open which will serve test app in your default browser.

leaflet.minicharts - Minicharts for dynamic leaflet maps

  •    R

For a few years now, it has become easy to create interactive maps with R thanks to the package leaflet by the Rstudio team. Nevertheless, it only provides only a few functions to create basic shapes on a map, so the information that can be represented on a single map is limited: if you have some data associated to some points, you can only represent at most two variables by drawing circles and changing their radius and color according to data. leaflet.minicharts is an R package that provides two functions to add and update small charts on an interactive maps created with the package leaflet. These charts can be used to represent as many variables as desired associated to geographical points. Currently, three types of chart are supported: barcharts (the default), pie charts and polar area charts (with two variants: "polar-area" and "polar-radius", where values are represented respectively by the area or the radius of the slices).

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