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2LCS - Lifecycle Services Companion App for administrators

  •    CSharp

This small utility can help you manage D365FO instances deployed in your LCS project. Both cloud-hosted - in your Azure subscription and Microsoft-hosted sandboxes. It offers only a subset of functionalities that LCS offers, but you can execute them a bit faster. Please note that this is only a sample code that is not supported by Microsoft in anyway. It is provided AS IS and it can break anytime because of changes introduced in LCS.

fast-simple-lcsk - Fast and simple algorithms for computing both LCSk and LCSk+

  •    C++

DISCLAIMER: This is not an officially supported Google product. This repository contains an implementation of the algorithms for computing LCSk and LCSk+, described in [1].

SwiftLCS - Swift implementation of the longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm.

  •    Swift

SwitLCS provides an extension of Collection that finds the indexes of the longest common subsequence with another collection. The longest common subsequence (LCS) problem is the problem of finding the longest subsequence common to all sequences in a set of sequences (often just two sequences). It differs from problems of finding common substrings: unlike substrings, subsequences are not required to occupy consecutive positions within the original sequences.

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