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Geolib - Growing library to provide some basic geo functions

  •    Javascript

Library to provide basic geospatial operations like distance calculation, conversion of decimal coordinates to sexagesimal and vice versa, etc. Takes 2 or 4 arguments. First 2 arguments must be objects that each have latitude and longitude properties (e.g. {latitude: 52.518611, longitude: 13.408056}). Coordinates can be in sexagesimal or decimal format. 3rd argument is accuracy (in meters). So a calculated distance of 1248 meters with an accuracy of 100 is returned as 1200 (accuracy 10 = 1250 etc.). 4th argument is precision in sub-meters (1 is meter presicion, 2 is decimeters, 3 is centimeters, etc).

iPokeMon - PokéMon like game on iOS with Location Based Service.

  •    Objective-C

iPokeMon is a project that try to implement the PokéMon game on iOS with Location Based Service. This was my Graduation Project. I tried to submit it to the App Store when the v0.3.2 done, but finally, the binary was rejected on May 16, 2012 with the reason of rejection: "8.5: Use of protected 3rd party material (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, otherwise proprietary content) requires a documented rights check which must be provided upon request". What a pity! There was a time I wanted to ask some designers to create a set of PokéMon like characters, but I gave up the thought cause it'll lose its meaning then. So after I graduated from university on Jun, 2012, I shelved this project for several months.

iPhoneTracker for Windows and more


iPhoneTracker is app for visualizing iPhone's user location data(i.e. the consolidated.db file), and this project is a Silverlight ported app, it can be use on Windows and any other platforms installed with Silverlight.

Cobub Codes


Cobub is a open and free API providing LBS (Location Based Service) Services. Cobub????????LBS(???????)??API? Therefore, here in codeplex is providing a library of codes that using cobub services. ????????Cobub Services?????

LbsMap - 利用百度地图快速实现支付宝的“到位”功能。基于LBS精确获取地理位置的周边数据,地图动态显示网络图标 支持多点聚合与分离,点击图标动态放大选中效果,移动、放大、缩小地图后重新更新数据,聚合图标点击动画展开,根据实际距离调整地图层级为屏幕大小 ,分页刷新,简书:

  •    Java

利用百度地图快速实现支付宝的“到位”功能。基于LBS精确获取地理位置的周边数据,地图动态显示网络图标 支持多点聚合与分离,点击图标动态放大选中效果,移动、放大、缩小地图后重新更新数据,聚合图标点击动画展开,根据实际距离调整地图层级为屏幕大小 ,分页刷新,简书:


  •    Javascript

This is a nodejs client package for Factual's public API.

nearby-news - Keyword Cloud for your current location.

  •    Javascript

Keyword Cloud for your current location. A simple API service telling you what's hot near you. A prototype system. NCNU BigData lecture project.