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yall.js - A fast, flexible, and small image lazy loader!

  •    Javascript

yall.js is a featured-packed lazy loading script for <img>, <picture>, <video> and <iframe> elements. It works in all modern browsers including IE11. It uses Intersection Observer where available, but falls back to scroll, touchmove, resize, and orientationchange events where necessary. It can also monitor the DOM for changes using Mutation Observer to lazy load image elements that have been appended to the DOM after initial page render, which may be desirable for single page applications. It can also (optionally) optimize use of browser idle time using requestIdleCallback. To optimize decoding of <img> lazy loading for simple src and srcset use cases, yall.js uses Image.decode where available to decode images asynchronously before adding them to the DOM.

ng-lazyload-image - Lazy image loader for Angular ≥ v2

  •    TypeScript

The browser you targeting need to have support of WeakMap and String.prototype.includes. If you need to support an older browser (like IE) you will need to include polyfill for WeakMap and String.prototype.includes (see https://github.com/zloirock/core-js for example).

ng-lazyload-bundled - Angular.js 1x + OcLazyLoad + Grunt + Bundled Module

  •    Javascript

Este é um modelo de organização das tarefas do grunt para facilitar o desenvolvimento de projetos que fazem uso do Angular 1.x. Este template vem para auxiliar o público da ferramenta na construção de uma aplicação rápida, robusta e adaptável.

recliner - A lightweight production ready jQuery plugin for lazy loading images and other dynamic content

  •    Javascript

Recliner is currently used on some very high traffic sites, so it's well tested and production ready.

ember-lazy-video - Lazy load videos in an Ember app

  •    Javascript

ember-lazy-video is a simple component and service that deals with lazy loading of videos from specified providers. Please read the Contributing guidelines for information on how to contribute.

lazyYT - A jQuery plugin to lazy load those dang Youtube iframe videos.

  •    HTML

This is a jQuery plugin to lazy load Youtube videos. On the initial load, the div will be appended by a preview img of the video. On click of the image, the preview img will be replaced by the autoplaying iframe Youtube video. To read more information on the plugin and access a demo, view the intro post on newmediacampaigns.com.

pushStateTree - The most powerful JavaScript router library for Single Page Applications.

  •    Javascript

A standalone powerful library to manage browser routing with nested level support, complex match expressions and on-fly rules change (convenient to lazy module loading). The open-source router system solutions available when I started designing this library were all working with a callback "match" and they are very hard to work with nested levels, and/or not support on-fly changes.


  •    Javascript

This package was inspired by https://github.com/ivopetkov/responsively-lazy/. It uses very similar markup, but significantly simplifies the way image replacement is handled under the hood. It also adds an optional fallback for when JavaScript is disabled. Check out the examples for copy-pasteable code and more information about usage.

lazy-blur.js - A progressive image loader library with SVG blur effect.

  •    Javascript

A progressive image loader library with SVG blur effect. You could download this script directly or install via npm.

eager-image-loader - The eager-loading for image files on the web page that loads the files according to your plan

  •    Javascript

The eager-loading for image files on the web page that loads the files according to your plan. This differs from the lazy-loading, for example, this can be used to avoid that the user waits for the loading. The lazy-loading is very useful for the user which left your web page before the user read all. It avoids forcing that user to pay the network cost for the images the user didn't see, in the mobile networks. The image files are not loaded until it's presumed that each image is seen by the user. Therefore the user often be kept waiting it.

vue-clazy-load - Component-based lazy (CLazy) load images in Vue.js 2

  •    Javascript

Swaps between your image and another component when loading images, allowing you to use loaders from component frameworks such as spinners and progress bars. This method also allows transitioning between the two components. Check out the example page.

ember-lazy-image - Ember CLI addon that allows you to gracefully handle image loading.

  •    Javascript

ember-lazy-image is a component that allows you to gracefully handle image loading. Component will load images lazily, only if they appeared in the view port. This optimization brings page load time down.

react-progressive-loader - Utility to load images and React components progressively, and get code splitting for free

  •    TypeScript

Defer the load of non-critical images and components if they are off-screen. This library makes possible to progressively load images, just like Medium does, and React components only when the user is ready to consume the content. Additionaly, take component based code splitting for free. Two at the price of one.

generator-angular-webpack-es6 - Yeoman generator for Angular projects using Webpack, ES6, SASS with some cool optional features

  •    Javascript

Angular Webpack ES6 generator. Uses SASS as CSS preprocessor, UI router as default angular router, LazyLoading example included. Inspired by generator-gulp-angular.

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