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LayoutKit - LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

  •    Swift

LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.LinkedIn created LayoutKit because we have found that Auto Layout is not performant enough for complicated view hierarchies in scrollable views. For more background, read the blog post.

Render - Swift and UIKit a la React.

  •    Swift

Render is a declarative library for building efficient UIs on iOS inspired by React. [The framework] lets us write our UIs as pure function of their states.

PinLayout - Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout

  •    Swift

Extremely Fast views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. PinLayout can layouts UIView, NSView and CALayer. 📌 PinLayout is actively updated. So please come often to see latest changes. You can also Star it to be able to retrieve it easily later.

proteus - Proteus : A JSON based LayoutInflater for Android

  •    Java

Proteus is meant to be a drop-in replacement for Android’s LayoutInflater; but unlike the compiled XML layouts bundled in the APK, Proteus inflates layouts at runtime. With Proteus, you can control your Apps layout from the backend (no WebViews). Forget the boilerplate code to findViewById, cast it to a TextView, and then setText(). Proteus has runtime data bindings and formatters. Plugin in your own custom views and attributes and functions to flavour proteus to your requirements. Instead of writing layouts in XML, in proteus layouts are described in JSON, which can be used to inflate native Android UI at runtime. The JSON layouts can be hosted anywhere (on the device, on servers, etc.).

LayoutKit - LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

  •    Swift

This project is no longer used by LinkedIn and is currently unmaintained. LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Hippy - Hippy is designed for Web developer to easily build cross-platform and high-performance awesome apps

  •    C++

Hippy is a cross-platform development framework, aiming to help developers write once, run on three platforms(iOS, Android and Web). Hippy is quite friendly to Web developers, especially who are familiar with React or Vue. With Hippy, developers are able to create the cross platform app easily. Hippy is now applied in 27+ Tencent apps such as Mobile QQ, Mobile QQ Browser, Tencent Video App, QQ Music App, Tencent News, reaching hundreds of millions of ordinary users.


  •    Javascript

AutoLayout.js implements Apple's Auto Layout and Visual Format Language in Javascript. Auto layout is a system which lets you perform lay out using mathematical relationships (constraints). It uses the awesome Cassowary.js library to do the actual constraint resolving and implements Apple's constraint system and Visual Format Language (vfl) on top of that. It supports the Extended VFL syntax, including view-stacks and z-indexing. AutoLayout.js is an abstract library for integrating Auto Layout and VFL into other javascript technologies. It provides a simple API and programming model that you can use to build your own auto layout and VFL solution. A simple example of this is, is using position: absolute; to lay out DOM elements. A more elobarate example of this is the Visual Format Editor, which is built using famo.us and famous-flex. AutoLayout.js is written in ES6 and contains transpiled distribution files.

FlexLayout - FlexLayout adds a nice Swift interface to the highly optimized facebook/yoga flexbox implementation

  •    Swift

FlexLayout adds a nice Swift interface to the highly optimized Yoga flexbox implementation. Concise, intuitive & chainable syntax. Flexbox is an incredible improvement over UIStackView. It is simpler to use, much more versatile and amazingly performant.

driveway - pure CSS masonry layouts

  •    HTML

driveway is an explorative project for developing pure CSS masonry layouts. It is developed using stylus. You may have come here from the blog post I wrote about pure CSS masonry layouts. If that's the case and you want the exact code I used in that post(with vendor prefixing), you'll be best served looking in the dist folder for driveway.blog.css and driveway.blog.min.css. Alternatively, use bower to pull in the repo.

emeus - Constraint-based layout manager for GTK+

  •    C

Emeus is a constraint-based layout manager widget for GTK+, written using the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm. The first model works really well in ensuring that UIs are responsive to size changes, by avoiding pixel-perfect positioning on the screen, as well as ensuring that changing the font size or margins and paddings do not break the user interface; its main down side is that it requires accurate, and often verbose packing of widgets inside boxes, inside other boxes.

CGLayout - Powerful autolayout framework, that can manage UIView(NSView), CALayer and not rendered views

  •    Swift

Powerful autolayout framework, that can manage UIView(NSView), CALayer and not rendered views. Has cross-hierarchy coordinate space. Implementation performed on rect-based constraints. Fast, asynchronous, declarative, cacheable, extensible. Supported iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux. Layout with CGLayout built using layout-blocks. To combine blocks into single unit use LayoutScheme entity (or other entities that has suffix Scheme).

nehan.js - Latest version is moved to [https://github.com/tategakibunko/nehan]

  •    Javascript

Latest version of nehan is developed at https://github.com/tategakibunko/nehan. Repository name changes from nehan.js to nehan.

faberjs - FaberJS is an open-source platform-independent layouting engine capable of mimicking different CSS layouting paradigm(ex

  •    Javascript

FaberJS is an open-source layouting engine currently supporting CSS Grid like declarations. Unlike HTML element which can leverage the power of CSS for Grid layouts, objects like SVG or custom objects cannot do that. Hence this library tries to solve that problem. For example, we have an object storing drawing information like dimensions and styles and then for laying itself in a parent container, FaberJS can be used. CSS Grid Layout is one of the most powerful layout system available in CSS. It is a 2-dimensional system, meaning it can handle both columns and rows, unlike flexbox which is largely a 1-dimensional system. You work with Grid Layout by applying CSS rules both to a parent element (which becomes the Grid Container) and to that element's children (which become Grid Items).

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