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picongpu - Particle-in-cell simulations for the exascale era :sparkles:

  •    C++

PIConGPU is a fully relativistic, manycore, 3D3V particle-in-cell (PIC) code. The Particle-in-Cell algorithm is a central tool in plasma physics. It describes the dynamics of a plasma by computing the motion of electrons and ions in the plasma based on Maxwell's equations. As one of our supported compute platforms, GPUs provide a computational performance of several TFLOP/s at considerable lower invest and maintenance costs compared to multi CPU-based compute architectures of similar performance. The latest high-performance systems (TOP500) are enhanced by accelerator hardware that boost their peak performance up to the multi-PFLOP/s level. With its outstanding performance and scalability to more than 18'000 GPUs, PIConGPU was one of the finalists of the 2013 Gordon Bell Prize.

godot-visual-effects - Open-source visual effects designed in Godot, from our VFX Secrets course.

  •    GDScript

Godot Visual Effects is a Free and Open-Source set of polished visual effects from our course Godot VFX Secrets. ➡ Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for free game creation tutorials, tips, and news! Get one of our Godot game creation courses to support our work on Free Software.

Deepnest - An open source nesting application for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other CNC machines

  •    Javascript

An open source nesting application for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other CNC machines


  •    CSharp

but currently only EtherDream works.

Laser_tape_reverse_engineering - Alternative firmware for a cheap X-40 laser tape measure

  •    C

This project describes my work about reverse engineering electronics (laser rangefinder module) of a cheap "X-40" laser tape measure. I create my own firmware that allow to use this module for DIY purposes. Supported module types are: "512A" and "701A". Module "703A" is not tested (it's look similar to a "701A"). Module dimensions: 25x13x50 mm. UART data example ("Firmware_dist_calculation_fast"): DIST;01574;AMP;0993;TEMP;1343;VOLT;082\r\n DIST - distance to object in mm. AMP - signal amplitude. TEMP - APD temperature (raw ADC value). VOLT - APD voltage. String length is constant. Distance data are transmitted continuously. UART baudrate - 256000.

OpenLIDAR - Open Hardware scanning triangulation laser rangefinder

  •    C

Simple enough scanning laser rangefinder. Based on triangulation method. Used STM32F303 + ELIS-1024 sensor.

MusicBeam - MusicBeam is a multi plattform software to use a projector as a rgb laser.

  •    Processing

MusicBeam is a multi platform software that allows using a projector as a RGB laser. MusicBeam is written in Processing a JAVA based language that is easy to learn to enable users to contribute new effects. MusicBeam is writing in Processing a Java sublanguage. It is extremely easy to write even without prior coding experience.

LIDAREnhanced - Driver for the LIDARLite v2 and v3 on the Arduino, with many improvements over the base library (Robustness, asynchronous acquisition, higher acquisition frequency, state machine, maintained)

  •    C++

This library tends to improve the efficiency and the robustness of the poor original acquisition library. It is originally released for the LidarLite v2 (deprecated) and compatible with the LidarLite v3 (release from Garmin) lasermeter. The maximal speed is mainly limited by I2C speed more than the configuration. Therefore, I advise you to choose the most stable than the most speedy. The next step to improve performances is to sync the laser with the expected acquisition time depending on the distance precedently measured. It would allow to improve acquisition and reduce the I2C usage. Also, it could be great to use the constant acquisition.

Digital-Forestry-Toolbox - A collection of digital forestry tools for Matlab/Octave

  •    MATLAB

The Digital Forestry Toolbox (DFT) is collection of tools and tutorials for Matlab/Octave designed to help process and analyze remote sensing data related to forests. Please check the Digital-Forestry-Toolbox website.

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