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vuedo - Vuedo is a blog platform, built with Laravel and Vue.js.

  •    PHP

[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework.svg)](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework) [![Total Downloads](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/d/total.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Stable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/stable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Unstable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/unstable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![License](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/license.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework)

blog - :star2: PJ Blog is an open source blog built with Laravel and Vue.js.

  •    PHP

This is a powerful blog, I try to build the blog more beautiful, more convenient. Laravel 5.* and Vuejs 2.* combined with the establishment of a good response and quickly dashboard, the dashboard made through the Vuejs component development.

vue-model - Model component for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue-model is a Javascript plugin for Vue.js that gives you the ability to transform your plain data into rich models with built-in and customizable HTTP actions, computed properties, and methods. This project started because I work in Vue relatively often and really wanted to be able to call customer.save(), have it POST the data to the server, show the user feedback that the action was in progress, and then apply the server's results to the model.

laravel-blog - Laravel 6

  •    PHP

Now you can access the application via http://localhost:8000. There is no need to run php artisan serve. PHP is already running in a dedicated container.

Voten - The code that powers voten.co

  •    PHP

Voten.co is a real-time social bookmarking for the 21st century. It's real-time, beautiful, customizable yet simple.

laravel-adminpanel - A Laravel 5 Admin Panel (version : 5.7)

  •    PHP

Give your project a Head Start by using laravel-adminpanel. It gives you the ability to create a module using a sweet GUI, where you put in the Module Name and it will generate all the necessary files for you, like Model, Traits, Relationship, Migration, Controllers, Views and routes. So when you are done creating a module, you can directly go to the route generated and see your new module. Since, this does not have the ability to generate table fields for now, so you have to write the migration file that is generated and run a manual php artisan migrate command, and you are good to go.

vue-datasource - A vue.js component to create dynamic tables

  •    Javascript

[WIP] Vue Datasource go back renew. Coming soon V3. A Vue.js component to create dynamic tables. Compatible with Vue 2.x and Laravel.

laravel_template_with_vue - laravel5

  •    PHP


Laravel-Media-Manager - A "Vuejs & Laravel" Media Manager With Tons of Features

  •    Javascript

add this one liner to your main js file and run npm run watch to compile your js/css files.

form-object - Form object to use with Vue components for sending data to a Laravel application using axios

  •    Javascript

Form Object is a simple layer on top of axios, it understands the Laravel validation error responses and handles it for you, now you can focus on the feedback you want to give to the users. In this way only that one will be removed from the error messages list.

laravel-coreui-vue - Laravel 5.6 with CoreUI (VueJS Full Starter Template)

  •    Vue

Here's a demo of the CoreUI theme running. If your here, you most likely know what Laravel is and hopefully how to get up and running with it. If not, click here to check the docs on getting up and running. Also Laracasts is a fantastic resource for getting up to speed with everything Laravel from pretty much any version.

vue-echo - Vue integration for the Laravel Echo library.

  •    Javascript

Vue 2 integration for the Laravel Echo library. This Vue plugin injects a Laravel Echo instance into all of your vue instances, allowing for a simple channel subscription on each instance, or using Laravel Echo through this.$echo.

InfraRead - A Self-Hosted Web Feed Reader and Sync Service Built with Laravel and VueJs

  •    PHP

InfraRead (pronounced infrared ) is an elegant self-hosted RSS feed reader and sync service. It is optimized for simplicity, reading and comfort. It is inspired by Unread and built with Laravel and VueJs.


  •    PHP

Este repositório contém o código fonte funcional da série de laravel 5.4 realtime, utilizando views proprias e framework vuejs como spa.

laravel-vue-generators - Generate Vue js files via artisan commands

  •    PHP

In Laravel's config/app.php file, add the service provider to the array with the 'providers' key. This package currently contains two commands: component and mixin.

vue-routisan - Elegant route definitions for Vue Router. Based on Laravel routing system.

  •    Javascript

Elegant route definitions for Vue Router. Based on Laravel routing system. The view resolver allows the view() method to automatically require components for your routes. This saves you from having repetitive imports and requires when defining routes.

vue-laroute - Wrapper for injecting laravel routes into your vue application

  •    Javascript

Inject Laravel routes into your Vue application via aaronlord/laroute. I actually recommend the alternative and more slim-lined version of this package from AXN-Informatique/laravel-laroute. Details changes for each release are documented in the CHANGELOG.md.

docs - :book: Documentation of Antares Project.

  •    CSS

Antares is based on Laravel as backend framework, VueJS as frontend javascript framework and Composer as dependency manager to use external vendors. All of these combined can let you to easily build powerful web applications. It uses the Material Design RWD Template with UI Components to fully render the user interface that can be controlled from the PHP code level. Antares is fully modular, meaning that you can easily create your own modules and extend it's possibilites for your own purposes. Additionally, it includes a lot of modules by default that can save you tons of time with the most common functionality of every web-application.