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In many modern web applications, WebSockets are used to implement realtime, live-updating user interfaces. When some data is updated on the server, a message is typically sent over a WebSocket connection to be handled by the client. This provides a more robust, efficient alternative to continually polling your application for changes. To assist you in building these types of applications, Laravel makes it easy to "broadcast" your events over a WebSocket connection. Broadcasting your Laravel events allows you to share the same event names between your server-side code and your client-side JavaScript application.

vscode-laravel-artisan - Visual Studio Code Laravel Artisan Extension

  •    TypeScript

Run Laravel Artisan commands from within Visual Studio Code. Once you have installed the extension, it will become active once you open a workspace that has artisan within the root directory. You can then open the command pallet, and start running the commands. Just type Artisan: to get a list of commands.

laravel-blade-snippets-vscode - Laravel blade snippets and syntax highlight support for Visual Studio Code

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Laravel blade snippets and syntax highlight support for Visual Studio Code. Since extension v1.14.*, emmet setting below for blade is no longer needed. You can remove it.

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