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thinkgo - A lightweight MVC framework written in Go (Golang).

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ThinkGo is a lightweight MVC framework written in Go (Golang). Route groups allow you to share route attributes, such as middleware or prefix, across a large number of routes without needing to define those attributes on each individual route.

laragol - Laravel clone in go

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This is an ongoing experiment to help me learn go by trying to clone the developer experience of Laravel or more accurate Lumen. I don't know if this is actually a good idea to build applications in this manner. But maybe is a way to present go to PHP or Rails developers.

go-skeleton - Skeleton Starting Project for web-based Go Applications (Laravel style)

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I was an early-adopter of Go. After 5+ years of developing with Go, I have come up with this as an effective initial project structure. Many of my own real-world production projects are based on this structure. It is also great for "Hello World" learner projects. It is heavily influenced by the PHP framework Laravel.

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