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laravel-user-verification - PHP package built for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

jrean/laravel-user-verification is a PHP package built for Laravel 5.* to easily handle a user verification and validate the e-mail. This package is Laravel 5.7 compliant.

shopify-app-auth-laravel - Laravel Auth Boilerplate for Shopify App

  •    PHP

In your resources/views folder, create your folder and install-sucess.blade.php file, and then within shopify-auth.app_name, set your view_install_success_path value to whatever it is (see below in configure app for example). Set the middleware on routes - ensure that ShopifyAuthCheck if sitting around the routes. Web too, but I think that is standard in the web.php file. Also note that when creating routes, the appname must be second in the url route e.g. apps/app_name/create.

laratables - Ajax support of DataTables (Laravel 5.5+) Demo @

  •    PHP

A Laravel package to handle server side ajax of Datatables. This package helps with simple requirements of displaying data from eloquent models into datatables with ajax support. Plus, using simple relationships and customizing column values.

auth-tests - Always-current tests for Laravel's `php artisan make:auth` command

  •    PHP

The version of this package reflects current major version of the Laravel framework. For example: If Laravel framework has version 5.6, version of this package compatible will be 5.6.*. Alternatively, use different database than sqlite, but also different from the one used for development.

laravel-scout-elasticsearch - An easy way to use the official Elastic Search 5

  •    PHP

An easy way to use the official Elastic Search 5.x~6.x client in your Laravel 5. This Builder will search in ES, not Database.

pgschema - PostgreSQL Schema manager for Laravel 5+

  •    PHP

This is very useful when you are working with multi-tenants applications with PostgreSQL Schemas. With facade helper functions, you can create/drop/switch schemas easily. This package also provide artisan commands for migrations and seeds supports for each schemas.

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