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Laravel-lang - List of 68 languages for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

In this repository, you can find the lang files for the framework PHP, Laravel 4&5. Since Laravel 5.2, we can define letters capitalized. A new branch has been created to add this feature : capital_letters.

akaunting - Free and Online Accounting Software

  •    PHP

Akaunting is a free, open source and online accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, RESTful API etc. Thanks to its modular structure, Akaunting provides an awesome App Store for users and developers. Akaunting uses Laravel, the best existing PHP framework, as the foundation framework and Modules package for Apps.

Bagisto - Laravel eCommerce framework

  •    PHP

Bagisto is a hand tailored E-Commerce framework designed on some of the hottest opensource technologies such as Laravel a PHP framework, Vue.js a progressive Javascript framework. Bagisto is viable attempt to cut down your time, cost and workforce for building online stores or migrating from physical stores to the ever demanding online world. Your business whether small or huge it suits all and very simple to set it up.

hackerpair - HackerPair is the companion project to Easy Laravel 5

  •    PHP

HackerPair is the companion project to the bestselling book, Easy Laravel 5, authored by W. Jason Gilmore. The new edition of Easy Laravel 5 is currently available in beta version from EasyLaravelBook.com at a discounted price. This command will generate a new unique application key which will subsequently be used by Laravel to encrypt various types of data used by your application.

pastebin - The Laravel.io Pastebin

  •    PHP

This is the repository for the Laravel.io pastebin. The code is entirely open source and licensed under the MIT license. Feel free to contribute to the pastebin by sending in a pull request. Please make sure you install the following tools before starting with the install procedure.

laravel-gymie - Gym & Club Management System https://gymie.in

  •    Javascript

Currently, we are in the process of polishing the code to be ready for general use. Check issues & milestone to know more about upcoming changes, features and improvements.

safebox - Safebox is a tool to manage your websites, accounts, clients, procedures and more

  •    PHP

Safebox is a self-hosted web application for developers and web agencies to manage clients, websites, accounts, procedures, snippets and more. It's built with Laravel 5.4 and Vue.js 2. All sensitive data are encrypted in the database. When adding a website a screenshot is taken.

laravel-api-example - 💻 Build an API with Laravel 5

  •    PHP

We can use this handy script for generating a new Laravel 5 app. I also wrote this Medium article that goes through installing and configuring a MySQL database for a Laravel 5 application. I find myself refering back to it regularly.

laracrud - Laravel Code Generator based on Database

  •    PHP

This version are ready to use in Laravel 5.3 and above. If you are using 5.2 please have a look to config/laracrud.php and adjust folder path. Theare are some good practice for model in Laravel. Use scope to define query, define fillable, dates, casts etc. ALso define relation, setAttribute and getAttribute for doing work before and after model save and fetch.