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php-language-server - PHP Implementation of the VS Code Language Server Protocol 🆚↔🖥

  •    PHP

A pure PHP implementation of the open Language Server Protocol. Provides static code analysis for PHP for any IDE. Uses the great Tolerant PHP Parser, phpDocumentor's DocBlock reflection and an event loop for concurrency.

vscode-java - Java Language Support for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Provides Java ™ language support via Eclipse ™ JDT Language Server, which utilizes Eclipse ™ JDT, M2Eclipse and Buildship. Please note that Gradle-based Android projects are not supported.

terraform-ls - Terraform Language Server

  •    Go

Experimental version of Terraform language server. Not all language features (from LSP's or any other perspective) are available at the time of writing, but this is an active project with the aim of delivering smaller, incremental updates over time.

language-tools - The Svelte Language Server, and official extensions which use it

  •    TypeScript

Svelte Language Tools contains a library implementing the Language Server Protocol (LSP). LSP powers the VSCode extension, which is also hosted in this repository. Additionally, LSP is capable of powering plugins for numerous other IDEs. Which is a mix of HTMLx and vanilla JavaScript (but with additional runtime behavior coming from the svelte compiler).

PowerShellEditorServices - A common platform for PowerShell development support in any editor or application!

  •    CSharp

PowerShell Editor Services is a PowerShell module that provides common functionality needed to enable a consistent and robust PowerShell development experience in almost any editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Check out our documentation site for information about how to use this project. You can also read our plans for future feature development by looking at the Development Roadmap.

metals - 🚧 WIP Language Server for Scala 🚧

  •    Scala

This project is an experiment to implement a Language Server for Scala using Scalameta projects such as Scalafmt, Scalafix and SemanticDB. ⚠️ This project is under development and is not intended to be used for day-to-day coding. Expect bugs and incomplete documentation. Installation instructions are primarily intended for project contributors.

ide-php - PHP language support for Atom-IDE

  •    Javascript

PHP language support for Atom-IDE, powered by FelixFBeckers PHP Language Server.Requires Atom 1.21 and a PHP 7.1 runtime installed on your system.

vscode-erlang-lsp - A VSCode extension for Erlang that uses a language server.

  •    TypeScript

This repository provides a VSCode extension that interfaces with the Erlang language server at https://github.com/erlang/sourcer. To begin with, this is meant to be a testbed for the server and there will be few (if any) other features (like syntax highlighting or executing code). For these, we recommend the pgourlain.erlang extension, that seems to have most functionality at this moment.

camel-language-server - Camel Language Server

  •    Java

camel-language-server is a server implementation that provides Camel DSL smartness. The server adheres to the language server protocol and can be used with any editor that supports the protocol. The server utilizes Apache Camel and M2Eclipse. ASL 2.0, See LICENSE file.

langserver-swift - A Swift implementation of the open Language Server Protocol.

  •    Swift

A Swift implementation of the open Language Server Protocol. The Language Server protocol is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like auto complete, goto definition, find all references and alike into the tool. Currently this implementation is used by Swift for Visual Studio Code.

vscode-swift - An extension for VS Code which provides support for the Swift language.

  •    TypeScript

This extension adds rich language support for the Swift language to VS Code. These features are provided by the Swift framework itself through SourceKit and a Swift Language Server implementation. Use completion lists to find out about available standard library types and function signatures.

atom-ide-scala - :atom: Scala & Dotty support for Atom IDE

  •    Scala

Scala & Dotty support for Atom IDE, powered by Metals, Dotty and Ensime language servers. The project is in active development and may have some rough edges. You are welcome to try it out and provide any feedback in the Gitter chat or Github issues.

atom-sbt-client - :wrench:sbt server integration with Atom IDE UI

  •    Javascript

This is an Atom plugin integrating sbt server with the Atom IDE interface. It should trigger compilation and if there are any errors, you should see them in the gutter and in the diagnostics panel.

ide-ruby - Atom package used to integrate https://github

  •    Javascript

Virtually all the functionality of this package comes from ruby_language_server. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling.

clojure-lsp - Language Server (LSP) for Clojure

  •    Clojure

A Language Server for Clojure. Taking a Cursive like approach of statically analyzing code. The goal of this project is to bring great editing tools for Clojure to all editors. It aims to work alongside you to help you navigate, identify and fix errors, and perform refactorings.

vscode-hie-server - VsCode extension for Haskell, as a front end for haskell-ide-engine

  •    TypeScript

Client interface to the Language Server Protocol server for Haskell, as provided by the Haskell IDE Engine. Check the requirements for dependencies. It is still under development! If you want to help, get started by reading Contributing for more details.

ts-graphql-plugin - TypeScript Language Service Plugin for GraphQL developers

  •    TypeScript

TypeScript Language Service Plugin to help GraphQL client development(e.g. Apollo). This plugin parses and analyzes template strings in .ts and provides functions like GraphiQL to your editor or IDE. First, confirm that your project has typescript(v2.3.x or later) and graphql.

typescript-language-server - Language Server Protocol implementation for Typescript via tsserver

  •    TypeScript

Note: typescript-language-server requires tsserver to be in path. You can install using npm install -g typescript. If you would like to use a different tsserver specify the absolute path using --tserver-path. Make sure to append .cmd if windows.

lua-lsp - A Lua language server

  •    Lua

A Language Server for Lua code, written in Lua. This will install the lua-lsp command. Language clients can then communicate with this process using stdio as a transport. See editors.md for more instructions specific to your editor of choice.

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