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enry - A faster file programming language detector

  •    Go

File programming language detector and toolbox to ignore binary or vendored files. enry, started as a port to Go of the original linguist Ruby library, that has an improved 2x performance. this will generate a binary in the project's root directory called enry. You can then move this binary to anywhere in your PATH.

linguist - Detect programming language used in git repository. Go port of github linguist.

  •    Go

Go port of github linguist. Many thanks to @petermattis for his initial work in laying the groundwork of creating this project, and especially for suggesting the use of naive Bayesian classification.

go-lang-detector - A small library in golang, that detects the language of a text

  •    Go

This golang library provides functionality to analyze and recognize language based on text. A language profile is a map[string] intthat maps n-gram tokens to its occurrency-rank. So for the most frequent token 'X' of the analyzed text, map['X'] will be 1.

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