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franc - Natural language detection

Detect the language of text.† - Based on the UDHR, the most translated document in the world.

Language Detection - Language Detection Library in Java

This is a language detection library implemented in plain Java. It detects language of a text using naive Bayesian filter. It is 99% over precision for 53 languages.

node-cld - Language detection for Javascript (Node)

Language detection for Javascript. Based on the CLD2 (Compact Language Detector) library from Google. Highly optimized for space and speed. Runs about 10x faster than other libraries. Detects over 160 languages. Full test coverage. Runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

paasaa - Natural language detection for Elixir

After you are done, run mix deps.get in your shell to fetch and compile Paasaa. Paasaa is a derivative work from Franc (JavaScript, MIT) by Titus Wormer.

language-detection - Language detection library for Android

Language detection for Android: Given a string of text, identify what language the text is written in. This project is a fork of an excellent Java language detection library (language-detection) written by Nakatani Shuyo. The original git version control history and commit messages are retained in this project.

language_detection - Ruby bindings for Chromium Compact Language Detector

Ruby bindings for Chromium Compact Language Detector (source). This gem is using source codes from chromium-compact-language-detector port.