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docpad - Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc

  •    CoffeeScript

Hi! I'm DocPad, I streamline the web development process and help close the gap between experts and beginners. I've been used in production by big and small companies for over a year and a half now to create plenty of amazing and powerful web sites and applications quicker than ever before. What makes me different is instead of being a box to cram yourself into and hold you back, I'm a freeway to what you want to accomplish, just getting out of your way and allowing you to create stuff quicker than ever before without limits. Leave the redundant stuff up to me, so you can focus on the awesome stuff.Discover my features below, or skip ahead to the installation instructions to get started with a fully functional pre-made website in a few minutes from reading this.

chimera-framework - Simple Language Agnostic Framework for Stand Alone and Distributed Computing

  •    Javascript

Chimera-Framework is a language agnostic framework for standalone and distributed computing. Chimera-Framework is written in Node.Js. As a component based software engineering framework, Chimera-Framework allows you to orchestrate several components to achieve a greater goal. The components can be written in any programming language. Even an executable binary file can also serve as component. You can use CHIML in order to orchestrate the process. CHIML is a superset of YAML which is also a superset of JSON.

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