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landscape - Static Cloud Native Landscapes and Interactive Landscape that filters and sorts hundreds of cloud native projects and products, and shows details including GitHub stars, funding or market cap, first and last commits, contributor counts, headquarters location, and recent tweets

  •    Javascript

The CNCF Cloud Native Landscape Project is intended as a map through the previously uncharted terrain of cloud native technologies. This attempts to categorize most of the projects and product offerings in the cloud native space. There are many routes to deploying a cloud native application, with CNCF Projects representing a particularly well-traveled path. It has been built in collaboration with Redpoint Ventures and Amplify Partners. The Cloud Native Trail Map provides an overview for enterprises starting their cloud native journey.

landscaper - Takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Landscaper takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster. The intended use case is to have this desired state under version control, and let Landscaper first test and then apply the state as part of the CI/CD stages. Binaries are available here; Docker images here. On macOS using Homebrew, a brew install landscaper should do.

battleship-search - maximize an n-dimensional landscape using the battleship search algorithm

  •    Javascript

Create a new search from an array of 2-element arrays bounds with [min,max] bounds for each dimension.testFn(pt, cb) fires for each point pt to test. testFn() should call cb() with its result.

cordova-plugin-screen-orientation - Mirror of Cordova Plugin Screen Orientation

  •    Javascript

Cordova plugin to set/lock the screen orientation in a common way for iOS, Android, and windows-uwp. This plugin is based on Screen Orientation API so the api matches the current spec.The orientation is in the primary portrait mode.


  •    HTML

A simple way to force mobile users to view your site in portrait or landscape mode. Include this js file and it will replace your site with a friendly message until the users' device is in the proper orientation. View it in action over here (mobile device required to see it).

landscape-modeler-js - A JavaScript web application for designing, running, and saving weighted overlay models using the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server image services

  •    Javascript

Landscape Modeler is a sample JavaScript web application that demonstrates how to perform site suitablility analysis by leveraging the landscape data hosted on ArcGIS Online and the speed of image service raster functions. This is ideal when a users want to test and share their ideas about suitability or risk analysis models at multiple scales or over a large area. Landscape Modeler is built on top of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server image services. By default it is configured to use the ready-to-use landscape layers on ArcGIS Online. However, the application can be configured to use other data that is exposed as an image service published with a weighted overlay raster function.


  •    Javascript

A leaflet plugin which allows users to print full page map directly from the browser. Compatible with Leaflet v0.7.7 and v1+. Step 1. Include the required js and css files in your document.

landscapetools - 📦 R package for some of the less-glamorous tasks involved in landscape analysis 🌏

  •    R

landscapetools provides utility functions to work with landscape data (raster* Objects). util_binarize: Binarize continuous raster values, if > 1 breaks are given, return a RasterBrick. util_classify: Classify a raster into proportions based upon a vector of class weightings. util_merge: Merge a primary raster with other rasters weighted by scaling factors. util_raster2tibble, util_tibble2raster: Coerce raster* objects to tibbles and vice versa. util_rescale: Linearly rescale element values in a raster to a range between 0 and 1.

RDImageViewerController - Simple viewer not only image but also custom view.

  •    Objective-C

Simple image or custom view viewer. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

LandscapeView - Animated landscape generator

  •    Java

This is an experiment I did, because I liked an idea of a foggy landscape background I've seen on one of the Material Design pages. LandscapeView generates vector, random, foggy landscapes with sun/moon, stars and trees. Tap and drag the view with your finger to see the resize animation.

landscapeapp - 🌄Upstream landscape generation application

  •    Javascript

The landscapeapp is an upstream NPM module that supports building interactive landscape websites such as the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape (source) and the LF Deep Learning Foundation Landscape (source). The application has been developed by Andrey Kozlov and Dan Kohn of CNCF. If you want to create an interactive landscape for your project or organization, the easiest process is to fork the LFDL landscape, since it only has a single landscape image. Edit settings.yml, landscape.yml, and members.yml for your topic. Then create a Netlify account (or similar) to automatically build and publish the static site on every commit.

slideshare2pdf - Download slideshare presentation slides in landscape in a PDF

  •    Go

I built this because some slideshare presentations can't be downloaded as PDF, like the ones from the Personal Finance for Engineers Standford course. I want to read them in my Kindle so this program downloads the slides, converts them to landscape and puts them together in a PDF.

jquery-stage - jQuery Stage Information

  •    Javascript

jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the "stage", the browser's viewport. See the included sample/index.html for a small demonstration of jQuery Stage.

landscape - Procedural landscape

  •    Rust

Procedural landscape generation.

ASCollectionView - A Swift collection view inspired by Airbnb.

  •    Swift

A Swift collection view inspired by Airbnb. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

eSCAPE - Earth Landscape Evolution Model: https://escape-model.github.io/

  •    Python

eSCAPE is a parallel TIN-based landscape evolution model, built to simulate topography dynamic at various space and time scales. The model accounts for hillslope processes (soil creep using linear diffusion), fluvial incision (stream power law), spatially and temporally varying tectonics (horizontal & vertical displacements) and climatic forces (temporal and spatial precipitation changes and/or sea-level fluctuations). For installation information and documentation visit our github eSCAPE-model website or the wiki page which provides a quick guide on the installation dependencies and Docker settings.

gospl - Global Scalable Paleo Landscape Evolution Model

  •    Python

gospl is an open source, GPL-licensed library providing a scalable parallelised Python-based numerical model to simulate landscapes and basins reconstruction at global scale. Since the ’90s, many software have been designed to estimate long-term catchment dynamic, drainage evolution as well as sedimentary basins formation in response to various mechanisms such as tectonic or climatic forcing. These models rely on a set of mathematical and physical expressions that simulates sediment erosion, transport and deposition and can reproduce the first order complexity of Earth’s surface geomorphological evolution.

belg - Boltzmann entropy of a landscape gradient

  •    R

Boltzmann entropy (also called configurational entropy) has been recently adopted to analyze entropy of landscape gradients (Gao et al. (2017, 2018, 2019)). The goal of belg is to provide an efficient C++ implementation of this method in R. It also extend the original idea by allowing calculations on data with missing values (Nowosad and Gao (2020)). This function accepts a RasterLayer, RasterStack, RasterBrick, matrix, or array object as an input. It allows for calculation of the relative (the relative argument equal to TRUE) and absolute Boltzmann entropy of a landscape gradient. As a default, it uses a logarithm of base 10 (log10), however log and log2 are also available options for the base argument.

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