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email-templates - :mailbox: Create, preview, and send custom email templates for Node

  •    Javascript

Create, preview, and send custom email templates for Node.js. Highly configurable and supports automatic inline CSS, stylesheets, embedded images and fonts, and much more! Made for sending beautiful emails with Lad.NEW: v3.x is released (you'll need Node v6.4.0+); see breaking changes below. 2.x branch docs available if necessary.

preview-email - Automatically opens your browser to preview Node

  •    HTML

NOTE: You should probably just use email-templates directly instead of using this package.The function previewEmail returns a Promise which resolves with a URL. We automatically open the browser to this URL unless you specify the third argument open as false (see Options for more info).

cacti - :cactus: Extremely simple MongoDB/Redis backups to Amazon S3 with encryption and compression

  •    Javascript

You must ensure that the user running the CLI or interacting with the API has permission to access your Redis database backup file path. Note that if you have changed the paths below from the defaults provided then you'll need to adjust them.

env - Environment configuration loader for Lad

  •    Javascript

You can pass any option as you otherwise would normally to dotenv-extended. Here is the default option argument, note that it supports a .env.test path for TEST and TESTING environments as specified through process.env.NODE_ENV.

i18n - i18n wrapper and Koa middleware for Lad

  •    Javascript

Returns translation for phrase key with the given locale. Optionally pass additional arguments, e.g. format specifier replacements for use in the phrase. For example if you have a phrase of "An error occurred %s" with a key of "ERROR_OCCURRED", and you use it as such i18n.translate('ERROR_OCCURRED', 'en', 'some error message') then it would return 'An error occurred some error message. Returns the same string as i18n.translate, but wrapped with a new Error object with a property no_translate set to true.

i18n-locales - List of locales for i18n

  •    Javascript

Use country-language or @cospired/i18n-iso-languages packages for further insight into localization and languages.

mandarin - Automatic i18n phrase translation using Google Translate

  •    Javascript

You will need to have Redis installed. This assumes that you have locale files already and a default locale file (e.g. ./locales/en.json with phrases that need translated to other languages you support). Based off the defaults from i18n, you would automatically get your en.json file translated to the locales es (Spanish) and zh (Chinese).

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