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semantic-segmentation-editor - Web labeling tool for bitmap images and point clouds

  •    Javascript

A web based labeling tool for creating AI training data sets (2D and 3D). The tool has been developed in the context of autonomous driving research. It supports images (.jpg or .png) and point clouds (.pcd). It is a Meteor app developed with React, Paper.js and three.js. (Optional) You can modify settings.json to customize classes data.

Labelbox - The most versatile data labeling platform for training expert AI.

  •    TypeScript

Labelbox is a data labeling tool that's purpose built for machine learning applications. Start labeling data in minutes using pre-made labeling interfaces, or create your own pluggable interface to suit the needs of your data labeling task. Labelbox is lightweight for single users or small teams and scales up to support large teams and massive data sets. Simple image labeling: Labelbox makes it quick and easy to do basic image classification or segmentation tasks. To get started, simply upload your data or a CSV file containing URLs pointing to your data hosted on a server, select a labeling interface, (optional) invite collaborators and start labeling.

cvat - Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) is a web-based tool which helps to annotate video and images for Computer Vision algorithms

  •    Javascript

CVAT is completely re-designed and re-implemented version of Video Annotation Tool from Irvine, California tool. It is free, online, interactive video and image annotation tool for computer vision. It is being used by our team to annotate million of objects with different properties. Many UI and UX decisions are based on feedbacks from professional data annotation team. Code released under the MIT License.

point_labeler - My awesome point cloud labeling tool

  •    C++

Tool for labeling of a single point clouds or a stream of point clouds. Given the poses of a KITTI point cloud dataset, we load tiles of overlapping point clouds. Thus, multiple point clouds are labeled at once in a certain area.

VoTT - Visual Object Tagging Tool: An electron app for building end to end Object Detection Models from Images and Videos

  •    Javascript

This tool provides end to end support for generating datasets and validating object detection models from video and image assets.Run the app by launching the "VOTT" executable which will be located inside the unzipped folder.

code-annotation - 🐈 Code Annotation Tool

  •    Javascript

Training Machine Learning models often requires large datasets to be duly annotated. The nature of these annotations vary depending on the dataset considered: they can be the number to be recognized in the MNIST dataset, the coordinates of the box containing the objects to be identified in an object detection problem, etc. This tool provides a simple UI to add annotations to existing datasets, a command line tool to fetch more elements to be annotated, and an export mechanism.

nodepool-labels-operator - Nodepool Labels operator for Kubernetes

  •    Go

A node pool is a subset of node instances within a cluster with the same configuration, however, the overall cluster can contain multiple node pools as well as heterogeneous nodes/configurations. The Pipeline platform can manage any number of node pools on a Kubernetes cluster, each with different configurations - e.g. node pool 1 is local SSD, node pool 2 is spot or preemptible-based, node pool 3 contains GPUs - these configurations are turned into actual cloud-specific instances. As the desired labels descibred in the CR for a nodepool only contains labels which should be set on the related nodes the operator uses an annotation (nodepool.banzaicloud.io/managed-labels) on each node to keep track of the managed labels and it will removed those managed labels which are not present in the desired state.

Curve - An Integrated Experimental Platform for time series data anomaly detection.

  •    Javascript

Curve is an open-source tool to help label anomalies on time-series data. The labeled data (also known as the ground truth) is necessary for evaluating time-series anomaly detection methods. Otherwise, one can not easily choose a detection method, or say method A is better than method B. The labeled data can also be used as the training set if one wants to develop supervised learning methods for detection. Curve is designed to support plugin, so one can equip Curve with customized and powerful functions to help label effectively. For example, a plugin to identify anomalies which are similar to the one you labeled, so you don't have to search them through all the data.

bat-3d - 3D Bounding Box Annotation Tool 2

  •    Javascript

1. Step: draw bounding box in the camera image 2. Step: choose current bounding box by activating it 3. Step: You can move it in image space or even change its size by drag and droping 4. Step: Switch into PCD MODE into birds-eye-view 5. Step: Place 3D label into 3D scene to corresponding 2D label 6. Step: Adjust label: 1. drag and dropping directly on label to change position or size 2. use control bar to change position and size (horizontal bar -> rough adjustment, vertical bar -> fine adjustment) 3. Go into camera view to check label with higher intensity and bigger point size 7. Step: Choose label from drop down list 8. Step: Repeat steps 1-7 for all objects in the scene 9. Step: Save labels into file 10. Step: Click on 'HOLD' button if you want to keep the same label positions and sizes 11. Step: click on 'Next camera image'

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