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labs - This is a collection of tutorials for learning how to use Docker with various tools

  •    PHP

This repo contains Docker labs and tutorials authored both by Docker, and by members of the community. We welcome contributions and want to grow the repo.

DeepLearningZeroToAll - TensorFlow Basic Tutorial Labs

  •    Jupyter

We welcome your comments on slides. We always welcome your comments and pull requests.

awesome-infosec - A curated list of awesome infosec courses and training resources.


A curated list of awesome information security resources, inspired by the awesome-* trend on GitHub. Those resources and tools are intended only for cybersecurity professional and educational use in a controlled environment.

colord - 👑 A tiny yet powerful tool for high-performance color manipulations and conversions

  •    TypeScript

The performance results were generated on a MBP 2019, 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 by running npm run benchmark in the library folder. See tests/benchmark.ts. Parses the given input and creates a new Colord instance. String parsing strictly conforms to CSS Color Level Specifications.

linux-0.11-lab - Docker/Qemu/Bochs Based Linux 0.11 Kernel Development Environment

  •    C

The old Linux kernel source version 0.11 and the integrated experiment environment. CS630 Qemu Lab is a related project, it is a friendly learning environment for the X86 assembly course: CS630.

okfn.github.com - Open Knowledge Labs website (and general issue tracker).

  •    Jupyter

Open Knowledge Labs is a place for folks to get together (online or IRL) to make stuff with data. It acts as a hub for hacking, wrangling, analyzing, and prototyping for Open Knowledge Network, while also being a portal for technical work done at Open Knowledge International. This repository is a Jekyll-based site for running http://okfnlabs.org.

color-namer - :art: Give me a color and I'll name it.

  •    Javascript

Give me a color and I'll name it. Color Namer is an npm package for use in Node.js or the browser that calculates color distance using the Delta-E color difference technique. Given a color in Hexadecimal RGB, RGBA, HSL, or HSV format, it converts the color to the Lab* color space, then calculates the color's Euclidean distance from a set of colors with known names.

fischer-color - a javascript implementation of eric fischer's perceptually-friendly color system

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of Eric Fischer's simple and perceptually friendly color interpolation.

RGBAnalyse - An RGB-HC histogram library for same-origin images

  •    Javascript

Client-side installation: simply grab the library from the release directory on github, or use bower to install: bower install rgbanalyse. Node package installation: npm install rgbanalyse.

network-lab - Networking lab using root-less VM

  •    Shell

I use those labs to test various stuff. Most of them are tailored to my need. The most recent ones are more likely to work than the older ones. They are expected to run without being root on top of an up-to-date Debian sid. Some of them are using User-Mode-Linux, some other are using KVM.

webjack - a JavaScript library that uses an audio software modem to communicate with an Arduino via a headphone jack

  •    Javascript

WebJack is a JavaScript library that uses SoftModem, an Arduino library, to create two-way communication between a browser window and an Arduino. No need to install drivers. Just plug in an audio cable and read/send data from the browser. WebJack was built by @rmeister with input from @jywarren as part of Public Lab's 2016 Google Summer of Code program.

patternity - This repository contains the Influitive Pattern Lab as well as base css, and reusable js components

  •    Javascript

This repository will contain the Influitive Pattern Lab as well as base css, and reusable js components. Install patternity as a node module.

javalab - Javalab - the open-source web laboratory for JVM languages

  •    Java

javalab is a web app that provides an interface to run applications written on JVM compatible languages with powerful features.

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