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kubefwd - Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

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Read Kubernetes Port Forwarding for Local Development for background and a detailed guide to kubefwd. kubefwd is a command line utility built to port forward some or all pods within a Kubernetes namespace. kubefwd uses the same port exposed by the service and forwards it from a loopback IP address on your local workstation. kubefwd temporally adds domain entries to your /etc/hosts file with the service names it forwards.

kube-router - Kube-router, a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking.

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Kube-router is a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provide operational simplicity and high performance.kube-router does it all.

estafette-cloudflare-dns - Kubernetes controller that configures dns and proxy settings in Cloudflare for any public service or ingress with the correct annotations

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In order not to have to set dns records manually or from deployment scripts this application decouples that responsibility and moves it into the Kubernetes cluster itself. Once it's running put the following annotations on a service of type LoadBalancer and deploy. The estafette-cloudflare-dns application will watch changes to services and process those. Once approximately every 300 seconds it also scans all services as a safety net.

kube-iptables-tailer - A service for better visibility on networking issues in Kubernetes clusters.

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kube-iptables-tailer is a service that gives you better visibility on networking issues in your Kubernetes cluster by detecting the traffic denied by iptables and surfacing corresponding information to the affected Pods via Kubernetes events. kube-iptables-tailer itself runs as a Pod in your cluster, and it keeps watching changes on iptables log file mounted from the host. If traffic from/to a Pod is denied by your iptables rules, iptables will drop the packet and record a log entry on the host with relevant information. kube-iptables-tailer is able to detect these changes, and then it will try locating both the senders and receivers (as running Pods in your cluster) by their IPs. For IPs that do not match any Pods in your cluster, a DNS lookup will be performed to get subjects involved in the packet drops.

kubekleaner - KubeKleaner uses Spring Boot's scheduled task functionality along with the Kubernetes API to delete failing microservice deployments and their downstream resources based on a configurable expiration time

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KubeKleaner—short for Kubernetes Kleaner—is a Java application built on the Spring Boot framework and the AT&T Java Service Container (AJSC). KubeKleaner utilizes Spring Boot's scheduled task functionality to leverage the Kubernetes API for deleting failing microservice deployments and their downstream resources based on a configurable expiration time.

kube-openvpn - :closed_lock_with_key: Kubernetes native OpenVPN

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Simple OpenVPN deployment using native kubernetes semantics. There is no persistent storage, CA management (key storage, cert signing) needs to be done outside of the cluster for now. I think this is better - unless you leave your keys on your dev laptop. The main motivator for this project was having the ability to route service requests back to local apps (running on the VPN client), making life much easier for development environments where developers cannot run the entire app stack locally but need to iterate on 1 app quickly.

deploy-app-using-tekton-on-kubernetes - Build and Deploy a hello-world application on Kubernetes using Tekton Pipelines

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Container-based software development is growing. Since it's easy to replicate the environment, developers generally create applications on their desktop, and debug and test them locally. Later they build and deploy the application to a Kubernetes cluster. Create an IBM Cloud account.

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