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shell-operator - Shell-operator is a tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Shell-operator is a tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster. This operator is not an operator for a particular software product such as prometheus-operator or kafka-operator. Shell-operator provides an integration layer between Kubernetes cluster events and shell scripts by treating scripts as hooks triggered by events. Think of it as an operator-sdk but for scripts.

strimzi-kafka-operator - Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes and OpenShift

  •    Java

Strimzi provides a way to run an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes or OpenShift in various deployment configurations. See our website for more details about the project. Documentation to the current master branch as well as all releases can be found on our website.

awx-operator - An Ansible AWX operator for Kubernetes built with Operator SDK and Ansible. 🤖

  •    Jinja

An Ansible AWX operator for Kubernetes built with Operator SDK and Ansible. This operator is meant to provide a more Kubernetes-native installation method for AWX via an AWX Custom Resource Definition (CRD).

cassandra-operator - Kubernetes operator for Apache Cassandra

  •    Go

The Cassandra-operator is currently being sunsetted and will be archived once a community (Apache) Cassandra operator is released. If you are looking for an Apache Cassandra operator for Kubernetes, please check out the operator from Orange called casskop or from Datastax called cass-operator. The Cassandra Operator manages Cassandra clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a Cassandra cluster.

postgres-operator-examples - Examples for deploying applications with PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data

  •    Smarty

This repository contains examples for deploying PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data, using a variety of examples. The examples are grouped by various tools that can be used to deploy them.

operator - Kubernetes operator to manage installation, updation and uninstallation of tektoncd projects (pipeline, …)

  •    Go

The quickest and easiest way to install, upgrade and manage TektonCD Pipelines, Dashboard, Triggers on any Kubernetes Cluster.

marmot - Marmot workflow execution engine

  •    Go

Marmot is a service for processing workflows targeting DevOps/SRE needs.NOTICE This product is still in development and is not production ready.

kredis - Redis cluster deployment in Kubernetes with dynamic scaling.

  •    Go

A Redis cluster Kubernetes operator. Do not use until this warning goes away. You have been warned.

cloudformation-operator - A Kubernetes operator for managing CloudFormation stacks via a CustomResource

  •    Go

A Kubernetes operator for managing CloudFormation stacks via kubectl and a custom resource definition. Warning: this project is in alpha state. It should only be used to try out the demo and get the general idea.

keenest-rube - Clojure interface to Kubernetes

  •    Clojure

If you want to use it in your own project, you'll want something to manage the state... This is alpha for a reason. It has not been thoroughly tested, it may misbehave, and the API may change.

couchdb-operator - prototype kubernetes operator for couchDB

  •    Go

this k8s operator allows you to run a 2.1 couchdb cluster on top of k8s. the operator takes care of spawning the necessary pods and joining them into a single cluster.

memcached-operator - A Kubernetes operator for memcached

  •    Go

memcached-operator is a Kubernetes Operator for deploying and managing a cluster of Memcached instances. memcached-operator provides a single Service endpoint that memcached client applications can connect to to make use of the memcached cluster. It provides this via a memcached proxy which is automatically updated whenever memcached instances are added or removed from the cluster.

mysql-operator - Create, operate and scale self-healing MySQL clusters in Kubernetes

  •    Go

The MySQL Operator creates, configures and manages MySQL clusters running on Kubernetes. The MySQL Operator is opinionated about the way in which clusters are configured. We build upon InnoDB cluster and Group Replication to provide a complete high availability solution for MySQL running on Kubernetes.

mongodb-enterprise-kubernetes - MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator


Welcome to the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator. The Operator enables easy deploys of MongoDB into Kubernetes clusters, using our management, monitoring and backup platforms, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager. By installing this integration, you will be able to deploy MongoDB instances with a single simple command. Please note that this project is currently in beta, and is not yet recommended for production use.

kubetop - A top(1)-like tool for Kubernetes.

  •    Python

kubetop is a top(1)-like tool for Kubernetes. kubetop uses the CalVer versioning convention. The first three segments of a kubetop version tell you the year (two digit), month, and day that version was released. The fourth segment of a kubetop version is a bugfix release counter. It is present if a new release is made that diffs from a previous release only by including one or more bug fixes. For each bug fix release, the fourth segment is incremented.

mysql-operator - Bulletproof MySQL on Kubernetes

  •    Go

MySQL Operator enables bulletproof MySQL on Kubernetes. It manages all the necessary resources for deploying and managing a highly available MySQL cluster. It provides efortless backups, while keeping the cluster highly-available. MySQL Operator was developed by the awesome engineering team at Presslabs, a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

airflow-operator - Kubernetes custom controller and CRDs to managing Airflow

  •    Go

This is not an officially supported Google product. The Airflow Operator is still under active development and has not been extensively tested in production environment. Backward compatibility of the APIs is not guaranteed for alpha releases.

sens8 - Kubernetes controller for Sensu checks

  •    Go

A Kubernetes controller that watches cluster resources (Deployment, Pod etc.) and runs Sensu checks which are declared in the resource's annotations. For each of the check definitions it will run them at the specified interval, updating the checks with the latest resource info provided by Kubernetes. It communicates directly to Sensu's RabbitMQ endpoint, dynamically adding Sensu proxy clients and optionally removing them on resource deletion or annotation update. Sens8 effectively acts a Sensu super client. It allows for checks to be run on ephemeral resources such as a pod under a replicaset without having to sidecar the heavy Sensu ruby client, or restart it. By having checks defined in the resources themselves it gives teams greater autonomy and lets checks be pushed out via CD. It also prevents having to manage resource-level checks out of band via configuration management.

vitess-operator - Vitess Operator provides automation that simplifies the administration of Vitess clusters on Kubernetes

  •    Shell

The Vitess Operator provides automation that simplifies the administration of Vitess clusters on Kubernetes. The Operator installs a custom resource for objects of the custom type VitessCluster. This custom resource allows you to configure the high-level aspects of your Vitess deployment, while the details of how to run Vitess on Kubernetes are abstracted and automated.

service-level-operator - Manage application's SLI and SLO's easily with the application lifecycle inside a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Service level operator abstracts and automates the service level of Kubernetes applications by generation SLI & SLOs to be consumed easily by dashboards and alerts and allow that the SLI/SLO's live with the application flow. This operator interacts with Kubernetes using the CRDs as a way to define application service levels and generating output service level metrics.

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