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kubectl-tree - kubectl plugin to browse Kubernetes object hierarchies as a tree 🎄 (star the repo if you are using)

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A kubectl plugin to explore ownership relationships between Kubernetes objects through ownersReferences on them. By default, the plugin will only search "namespaced" objects in the same namespace as the specified object.

kubectl-trace - Schedule bpftrace programs on your kubernetes cluster using the kubectl

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kubectl trace is a kubectl plugin that allows you to schedule the execution of bpftrace programs in your Kubernetes cluster. You can't find the package for your distro of choice? You are very welcome and encouraged to create it and then open an issue to inform us for review.

kubectl-extension-versions - kubectl plugin to print versions of well-known third-party controllers/operators installed in a cluster

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This is a kubectl plugin that lists you the installed versions of well-known Kubernetes extensions/operators (and their subcomponents, if any) on your cluster. ⚠️⚠️ These instructions don't work yet. Just go build this and place the binary to your $PATH as kubectl-extension_versions (mind the underscore) to get it to work.

kubectl-dashboard - Instantly get a Kubernetes dashboard

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A sub-command for kubectl that will instantly make a Kubernetes dashboard available for you, without having to run anything in your cluster. Run go get bou.ke/kubectl-dashboard. Then run kubectl dashboard.

kubectl-gs - kubectl plugin helping with custom resources by Giant Swarm

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Check the installation docs for details on installation with and without Krew. Find the kubectl gs reference in our documentation site.

kubectl-janitor - List Kubernetes objects in a problematic state

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kubectl janitor is a kubectl plugin that assists in finding objects in a problematic state in your Kubernetes cluster. Troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters sometimes requires a combination of kubectl commands and other command-line tools such as jq to do correlations around the issues that the various objects might have. Moreover, sometimes the supported options of the --field-selector flag might be limited.

openebsctl - `openebsctl` is a kubectl plugin to manage OpenEBS storage components.

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OpenEBSCTL is a kubectl plugin to manage OpenEBS storage components. Alpha. Under active development and seeking contributions from the community.

kubectl-gopass - Plugin for kubectl to support reading and writing secrets directly from/to gopass

  •    Shell

A plugin for kubectl to support reading and writing secrets directly from/to gopass. Currently, you need to download the shell script, put it in your path and make it executable. It's also available via krew.

kubectl-curl - Kubectl plugin to run curl commands against kubernetes pods

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Sending http requests to kubernetes pods is unnecessarily complicated, this plugin makes it easy. The plugin creates a port forwarding from the local network to the kubernetes pod that was selected to receive the request, then instantiate a curl command by rewriting the URL to connect to the forwarded local port, and passing all curl options that were given on the command line.

promdump - A tool to dump and restore Prometheus data blocks.

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promdump dumps the head and persistent blocks of Prometheus. It supports filtering the persistent blocks by time range. When debugging Kubernetes clusters, I often find it helpful to get access to the in-cluster Prometheus metrics. Since it is unlikely the users will grant me direct access to their Prometheus instancs, I have to ask them to export the data. To reduce the amount of back-and-forth with the users (due to missing metrics, incorrect labels etc.), it makes sense to ask the users to "get me everything around the time of the incident".

kubectl-rolesum - Summarize Kubernetes RBAC roles for the specified subjects.

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Summarize RBAC roles for the specified subject (ServiceAccount, User and Group). krew is a package manager for k8s plugins. Please see krew document for more detail.

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