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ExchangeSharp - ExchangeSharp is a powerful, fast and easy to use

  •    CSharp

ExchangeSharp uses 'symbol' to refer to markets, or pairs of currencies. Please send pull requests if you have made a change that you feel is worthwhile, want a bug fixed or want a new feature. You can also donate to get new features.

KrakenCore - 💱 .NET client for Kraken bitcoin exchange API

  •    CSharp

⚠ This is an alpha version, meaning the API has not been tested on any production application. USE AT OWN RISK! Also, the API does not include the tentative private user funding API as it is subject to change. The client supports two extensibility points: one right before a request to Kraken is dispatched and one right after a response is received. These points provide additional context specific information (for example, the cost of a particular call) and can be used to implement features such as rate limiting or logging.

kraken_ruby_client - Kraken Ruby Client is a Ruby API wrapper for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

  •    Ruby

A work-in-progress Ruby API wrapper for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange. Emphasis on speed, simplicity, no meta-programming, and few dependencies.

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