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FingerprintManager - A small library to handle Android fingerprint API.

  •    Kotlin

A small library to handle Android fingerprint APIs. This library offers an easy way to handle authorisation and encryption tasks using Android Fingerprint APIs. It's based on Android fingerprint dialog sample made by Google: https://github.com/googlesamples/android-FingerprintDialog.

kotlinResources - Want to learn Kotlin? Me too


Want to learn Kotlin? Me too. The purpose of this repository is have the best resources to learn Kotlin. Feel free to contribute!

shopapp-shopify-android - A Shopify provider for a ShopApp for Android application

  •    Kotlin

Shopify provider for ShopApp Android. ShopApp is an application that turns a Shopify-based store into a mobile app. ShopApp syncs with Shopify store and transfers a product catalog and user data to a mobile app. The app provides features like customizable push notifications, promo codes, and convenient payments with popular digital wallets like Android Pay. ADMIN API KEY is a key for Admin API. The library uses the key to receive a list of countries eligible to shipping.

kotlin-algorithm-club - Algorithms and data structures in Kotlin.

  •    Kotlin

Here you can find the most common algorithms and data structures written in Kotlin. The goal of this project is to create the most eloquent implementations of old algorithms in the new language. The code is meant to be as self-describing as possible, so I do not plan to include much documentation. It is assumed that you know the basics; if you want to learn algorithms perhaps it is a wrong place. I do full-heartedly recommend The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena and of course...

vscode-kotlin - Kotlin language support for VS Code

  •    Javascript

in to the command palette. We welcome any contributions to help make the extension better. There are several ways you can contribute.

KotlinSchool - Kotlin School with Kotlin Programming Tutorial

  •    Kotlin

KotlinSchool will help you learn kotlin easily to use in real world projects. Please check out Contribution Guide if you are interested to contribute. KotlinSchool brought to you by Sakib Sami | Inspired by ElixirSchool project Distributed under Apache 2 License.

ff4j-spring-boot-starter-parent - A spring boot starter for FF4J (Feature Flipping For Java)

  •    Java

FF4J, stands for Feature Flipping for Java, helps you implementing the 'feature toggle' agile development practice. Features (services/behaviour/treatments/screen parts) can be enabled and disabled at runtime but also limited to an authorized sub-set of users (e.g : beta-testers for beta feature). Once the feature is enabled and granted you can implement your own strategy to flip through custom FlippingStrategy.