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android-showcase - 💎Android application following best practices: Kotlin, coroutines, Clean Architecture, feature modules, tests, MVVM, static analysis

  •    Kotlin

Showcase is a sample project that presents modern, 2019 approach to Android application development using Kotlin and latest tech-stack. The goal of the project is to demonstrate best practices, provide a set of guidelines, and present modern Android application architecture that is modular, scalable, maintainable and testable. This application may look simple, but it has all of these small details that will set the rock-solid foundation of the larger app suitable for bigger teams and long application lifecycle. Many of the project design decisions follow official Google recommendations.

kotlin-coroutines-retrofit - Kotlin Coroutines await() extension for Retrofit Call

  •    Kotlin

Based on kotlinx.coroutines implementation. NOTE: All examples in this README use runBlocking to build coroutine but it is only useful for testing or examples.

Coil - Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines

  •    Kotlin

Coil is an image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines. Coil performs a number of optimizations including memory and disk caching, downsampling the image in memory, re-using bitmaps, automatically pausing/cancelling requests, and more. It adds ~2000 methods to your APK (for apps that already use OkHttp and Coroutines), which is comparable to Picasso and significantly less than Glide and Fresco.

ktx - LibKTX: Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games and applications

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications. KTX aims to make LibGDX as Kotlin-friendly as possible without turning the API upside down. It provides modular utilities for certain parts of LibGDX with poor Kotlin support. This is not a new framework by any means - but Kotlin certainly makes LibGDX feel like one.

McTester - An integration testing framework for Minecraft

  •    Java

McTester allows you to write fully automated integration tests against Minecraft. Through an easy-to-use API, you can direct a real singleplayer client to perform actions in the world (esnding commands, looking around, clicking the mouse). Combined with a server-side API like Sponge, McTester allows you to write automated tests that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise. Without McTester, the only way to perform these kinds of tests is by manually running the game. With McTester, you can run tens or hundreds of tests as part of your normal build process. You no longer have to decide when to test that a difficult-to-reproduce bug hasn't re-emerged.

NewsReader - Android News Reader app. Kotlin Coroutines, Retrofit and Realm

  •    Kotlin

Example of Kotlin Coroutine usage, with Realm and Retrofit. There is also a RxJava branch that uses RxJava for Async and Reactive programming.

Peko - Android Library for requesting Permissions with Kotlin Coroutines

  •    Kotlin

No more callbacks, builders, listeners or verbose code for requesting Android permissions. Get Permission Request Result asynchronously with one function call. Thanks to Kotlin Coroutines, permissions requests are async and lightweight (no new threads are used/created). Library has support for screen rotations. When activity get's recreated, coroutines that have not completed yet, have to be cancelled to avoid memory leaks. When you detect a orientation change, cancel the coroutine with an instance of ActivityRotatingException. Internally, this will retain the current request that is in progress. The Deferred can then be awaited again by calling Peko.resultDeferred.

BleGattCoroutines - Make Gatt Great Again! This library allows easy and safer usage of BluetoothGatt in Android

  •    Kotlin

Make Gatt Great Again! This library allows easy and safer usage of BluetoothGatt in Android. It has also been tested successfully on Android Wear, with the sample included in this repository. It should work similarly on other Android variants such as Android Things. It does so by taking advantage of the excellent coroutines feature in the Kotlin programming language that allows to write asynchronous code in a sequential/synchronous style, which means, without the callback hell, and without blocking any thread (which would waste memory and decrease performances).

checkin - A free and open source Android app for posting your current update to your followers

  •    Kotlin

A free and open source Android app for posting your current update to your followers. It uses an approximation of your current location and plots it on a map. You can also see your followers recently updated statuses. Note: This is an educational and exploratory code base to facilitate learning new Android development patterns and the Kotlin programming language features. Though the intention is to release it on the app store at some point, it's not the ultimate goal. This will stay forever as a work in progress.

android-coroutines - Additional coroutine support for Android

  •    Kotlin

This library works, but it's API is not yet stable. It was developed as proof of concept, the best API (esp names) was not a core consideration. The system supports (using Kryo) serialization of coroutines and other functions. It knows about Kotlin and Android and will handle (accidental or convenience) capture of Context and Kotlin objects. It doesn't yet support all Android state, in particular Fragment and View objects (which would need to be looked up through the context).

coroutineworker - Kotlin Coroutine-based workers for native

  •    Kotlin

CoroutineWorker helps support multi-threaded coroutine usage in common code that works in Kotlin/Native and on JVM until kotlinx.coroutines has full support for native, multi-threaded coroutines. This is like using withContext on JVM to switch coroutine contexts. You can also properly pass a dispatcher, which will be used on JVM: withContext(Dispatchers.IO) { … }. The idea here is that this will be easy to migrate when we do get multi-threaded coroutine support in Kotlin/Native.

droid-feed - Aggregated news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development

  •    Kotlin

Stay up to date with the latest Android Development news. Built for the Android developer community, DroidFeed presents news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development from a curated list of sources. DroidFeed is written entirely in Kotlin with MVVM architecture using the awesome libraries below.

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