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PostGraphile - High-performance GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database

  •    Typescript

PostGraphile is an instant, highly-performant GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database, extensible via a powerful plugin system. It allows you to access the power of PostgreSQL through a well designed, extensible, customisable and incredibly performant GraphQL server. It automatically detects tables, columns, indexes, relationships, views, types, functions, comments, and more - providing a GraphQL server that is highly intelligent about your data, and that automatically updates itself without restarting when you change your database schema.

eggjs-note - 《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀


《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀

vue-chat - :calling: a web chat tool

  •    Vue

:calling: a web chat tool. Front-End : vue+vuex+vue-cli+vue-router+axios+scss;Back-end: node(koa2)+mysql+JWT(Json web token); socket.io

dataface - Build and manage data with a spreadsheet-like interface

  •    Javascript

Build and manage data in a Postgres database with a spreadsheet-like interface. Demo. Ideally all data would be managed in a purpose-built application backed by a database, designed by a database expert, but IT departments have to prioritize what applications they build or buy. As a result, a lot of data ends up being managed in a spreadsheet or a Microsoft Access database. These tools are flexible and easy for non-IT staff to build, but IT departments often see them as sources of technical debt: they only support one user at a time, they’re single points of failure since they’re usually not backed up, and they’re difficult to integrate into other systems.

koa-webpack-middleware - webpack dev&hot middleware for koa2

  •    Javascript

webpack-dev-middleware for koa2 with HMR(hot module replacement) supports. See example/ for an example of usage.

koa2-api-boilerplate - Boilerplate for building APIs with koa2.

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate for building APIs with koa2 and mongodb. This project covers basic necessities of most APIs.

koa-webpack - Development and Hot Reload Middleware for Koa2

  •    Javascript

Development and Hot Module Reload Middleware for Koa2, in a single middleware module. This module wraps and composes webpack-dev-middleware and webpack-hot-client into a single middleware module, allowing for quick and concise implementation.